Bill Kramer and Dawn Hudson
HOLLYWOOD October 25, 2021
Saving the Oscars must be the focus of the new C.E.O.—and with Hudson’s 2020 compensation reaching $950,000, the Academy should be able to convince a strong candidate to take the job. Who?
Dave Chappelle
HOLLYWOOD October 25, 2021
It’s an open secret in Hollywood that many feel the movement toward greater accountability and inclusion sometimes goes too far—and are terrified of getting called out, themselves. Now Netflix has become an unwitting signpost in the culture wars, and some believe it may signal a turning point.
The Last Duel
HOLLYWOOD October 22, 2021
Most Wall Street analysts believe that theater revenue in 2022 will drop below pre-pandemic levels, with trickle-down impacts across the entire movie industry.


In this new media age, the creator is the heart of the business equation.
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Barbra Streisand
HOLLYWOOD October 18, 2021
A minor donor drama at the new, Renzo Piano-designed Academy Museum in Los Angeles gets the perfect Hollywood ending.
Maverick Carter
HOLLYWOOD October 18, 2021
At a time when legacy media companies are trying desperately to appeal to younger, more diverse audiences, SpringHill has a clear—and startlingly ambitious—vision.
Reed Hastings
HOLLYWOOD October 18, 2021
From the beginning, Reed Hastings has operated Netflix like his employees are part of a small family in a quiet Silicon Valley utopia. But with the Chappelle flap, it doesn’t appear that comms strategy is tenable any longer.