Jamie Dimon
WALL STREET January 16, 2022
What’s really going on between Wall Street’s blockchain envy, bonus season at Goldman, and Larry Fink’s god complex.
Jeffrey Immelt
WALL STREET January 12, 2022
NBCUniversal is now probably worth well north of $100 billion—a significant chunk of Comcast’s $230 billion market value. So why the hell did GE sell it for $30 billion a decade ago?
Bob Iger Rings Opening Bell At NY Stock Exchange
WALL STREET January 9, 2022
Notes on Wall Street's post post-Covid deal frenzy, the legacy of Bob Iger, and Silicon Valley's new digital gold rush.


In this new media age, the creator is the heart of the business equation.
Jimmy Cayne
WALL STREET January 5, 2022
The epic story of how a crafty bond salesman took over Bear Stearns—and risked an apocalypse to fight for it.
David McCormick
WALL STREET December 29, 2021
Notes on David McCormick’s Trump Lite playbook, Chamath’s SPAC folly, more meme-stock insanity, and the passing of a Wall Street icon.
James Gorman
WALL STREET December 22, 2021
The C.E.O. of Morgan Stanley dishes on Goldman and succession, among other topics, over bespoke sushi.