Jonah Peretti and Adam Rothstein
WALL STREET December 5, 2021
Observations on the latest Wall Street gossip and market signals as our twelve-year bull market begins to turn.
Carlos Watson
HOLLYWOOD December 2, 2021
A tale of the embattled Ozy founder, a turkey club sandwich, and a misadventure in crisis management.
elizabeth holmes and joe biden
WALL STREET November 21, 2021
Plus: Giving thanks for some of the greatest Wall Street dealmakers of all time.


In this new media age, the creator is the heart of the business equation.
Stationary bikes
WALL STREET November 17, 2021
Regarding the most pressing questions on Wall Street and in my inbox.
Jack Welch
WALL STREET November 14, 2021
Twenty years after stepping down as the leader of GE, and being minted the C.E.O. of the century, Jack Welch’s baby is about to become three companies. What went wrong?
Elon Musk
WALL STREET November 10, 2021
Tesla has broken the will of short-sellers, market prognosticators, even one-eyed all-seeing Big Short god Michael Burry. But is the party finally ending?