“Sexual Misconduct” Claims: The Battle at Anonymous Content

Keith Redmon
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images
Matthew Belloni
November 7, 2021

Back in June, I reported on the abrupt ouster of Oscar-nominated manager-producer Keith Redmon from Anonymous Content, the Laurene Powell Jobs-backed company behind projects like True Detective and The Revenant, which Redmon produced. Redmon had blown up at a colleague on a Zoom call, and when confronted about it by Anonymous C.E.O. Dawn Olmstead, he was said to have directed some choice words at her, prompting his quick termination after nearly two decades at the company.   

Since then, a behind-the-scenes war has ensued between Redmon and his former employer. Redmon was recently hired by Teddy Schwarzman’s Black Bear Pictures to launch an international division, and he took with him some Anonymous clients, including Revenant co-writer Mark L. Smith. He also still shares others with his former employer, like Oscar-nominated filmmaker Morten Tyldum. Redmon went after an Anonymous employee too, hiring away Kathryn Thal as a V.P.

The bad blood—and Redmond’s behavior over the years at Anonymous under its co-founder, Steve Golin, who died in 2019—has been a subject of chatter in the representation community since he was hired by Schwarzman. So I reached out to Anonymous for an explanation, and it responded with quite the statement. A spokesperson for the company confirmed that Redmon was terminated in June for cause, due to what it called a troubling pattern of unacceptable behavior. Then it added: