Elon Musk
SILICON VALLEY December 22, 2022
Holiday predictions from across Silicon Valley, on the passing of Twitter, a new low for web3, Meta vs. Apple, and the true dawn of A.I.
baratunde lensa
SILICON VALLEY December 11, 2022
The rise of ChatGPT suggests how artificial intelligence is coming for the arts.
SILICON VALLEY November 27, 2022
We all complain incessantly about the world’s most infamous microblogging platform—hate speech, divisiveness, stupidity, bots—so what’s the future of the digital town square, post-Elon rule?
Elon Musk
SILICON VALLEY November 13, 2022
A mantra of an age, as emblemized by the Zuckerberg generation of Silicon Valley megastars, meets its fitting conclusion with extraordinary speed in a week.
kanye west
HOLLYWOOD October 30, 2022
Some thoughts on the artist formerly known as Kanye West. And Mark Zuckerberg, too.
Councilman Kevin De León, left, and former Los Angeles City Council President Nury Martinez.
WASHINGTON October 14, 2022
Solidarity is complicated, especially in politics. But the trials of the last week also offer opportunities to move beyond zero-sum thinking at a time when faith in our democratic process could use a reboot.
Not Abe Lincoln
WASHINGTON August 7, 2022
A conversation with Tina Nguyen on the past, present and future of the far right.
Samuel Alito
WASHINGTON May 15, 2022
The Justice’s search for Constitutional validation to support his anti-abortion ruling is another sign that the arc of the American experiment doesn’t always bend toward justice—and that not every institution is focused on closing the gap between our country’s promise and what we actually deliver for our citizens.
Jack Dorsey
MEDIA April 21, 2022
Twitter, which was once a peer with Facebook, is now 1/15th its size, and its most fastidious user is trying to take it private, while everyone—Democrats, Republicans, mom-fluencers, journalists—hates the damn thing despite their own contrary addictions. Herewith, an anatomy of a social media tragedy.
Meet me in the metaverse
MEDIA March 31, 2022
My recent trip to Austin for SXSW offered a number of startling realizations. First off, web3 is going to be bigger than we ever imagined. It may also, finally, be the internet platform that makes the world a better place.
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