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kim jones
FASHION May 20, 2024
A little trip to see Dirk & Co. leads to some dish on young designers, Kim Jones’ fate, Gucci, Chloé, and the evolving LVMH sitch.
Delphine Arnault
FASHION May 16, 2024
The surprise news that Michael Burke, the longtime Arnault lieutenant, was “stepping back” from his role as C.E.O. of LVMH’s fashion division has thrown Delphine Arnault into the catbird seat. Is her interim appointment a major step forward in the interminable sibling rivalry to one day replace her father?
alexandre arnault bernard arnault
FASHION May 13, 2024
Can Arnault and Arnault fils truly turn their newish $16 billion crown jewel into a legitimate Cartier competitor?
Susan Plagemann
FASHION May 9, 2024
News and notes on the micro-controversy, real or imagined, stemming from Susan Plagemann’s restructuring of WME Fashion.

met gala press conference Andrew Bolton, Anna Wintour and Jonathan Anderson
FASHION May 6, 2024
My travails and hustle in the swirl of what has become, for better or worse, the busiest week on the global fashion calendar.
Mytheresa C.E.O. Michael Kliger
FASHION May 2, 2024
News and notes on a micro-industry in need of reinvention, a savior, and so much more.
zac posen
FASHION April 29, 2024
Three months into his surprising appointment at Gap Inc., Zac Posen has quelled his naysayers by being a good colleague, playing nice with others, and delegating to talented executives. But can any of that halt the company’s descent?
Hedi Slimane
FASHION April 25, 2024
Rumors that Hedi Slimane will be replaced at Celine could just as easily have been seeded by Hedi as by his bosses. But don’t discount the rise of Delphine Arnault, the eldest LVMH heir, in determining whatever happens next.

lina khan
FASHION April 22, 2024
Fashion insiders are bracing for the activist F.T.C. crusader to take a shot at the Tapestry-Capri merger. Meanwhile, things are getting real in the Neiman Marcus-Saks negotiations. Would Khan hold a gun to that deal, too?
Rebecca Minkoff
FASHION April 18, 2024
The aughts-famous handbag designer is preparing for a revival on ‘The Real Housewives of New York,’ making her merely the latest fashion person to leverage the cringey show for a new look.
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