Donald Trump
WASHINGTON November 16, 2022
Ok, so Trump is running for president—duh—which means that now everyone else can feel free to toss their hat in the ring after his wan demi-coronation. But how can the other guys avoid a case of the Christies?
ron desantis
WASHINGTON November 10, 2022
Trump’s midterm face-plant has hastened an intra-peninsular reckoning between Mar-a-Lago and Tallahassee over the future of the Republican Party. The conventional wisdom has long posited that MAGAworld, not the Murdochs, will decide the next president. But what if Trump is losing the base?
WASHINGTON November 2, 2022
Next week, the Republican conference will likely add new members who make Marjorie Taylor Greene look like a soccer mom. “I’d say we have a good floor of about 40 hardcore MAGA members,” predicted one insider. What’s Kevin McCarthy to do?
Republican Pennsylvania Senate nominee Dr. Mehmet Oz.
WASHINGTON October 26, 2022
News and notes from the inside conversation in the inner sanctum of the G.O.P.—or at least the party that Mitch McConnell wished didn’t exist.
Kari Lake
WASHINGTON October 19, 2022
News and notes and underground rumblings on the far- and center-right, from Kanye buying Parler to the Tucker Carlsonization of McCarthy’s G.O.P.
joe lonsdale and elon musk
WASHINGTON October 12, 2022
News and notes on Musk’s anti-lib Twitter focus group, Truth Social’s declining fortunes, and Dr. Oz’s stunning revival.
Governor Ron DeSantis signs Floridas 15-week abortion ban
WASHINGTON October 5, 2022
Mainstream Heritage-huffing Republicans are now actively making their play for their role in a post-Trump Trumpist party. It’s a MAGA come-to-Jesus moment—far, far away from “Morning in America.”
jonah goldberg
MEDIA September 28, 2022
Jonah Goldberg, the National Review Online alum and Fox News apostate, discusses how the G.O.P. got snowed, DeSantis vs. Trump, the Mar-a-Lago fallacy, and his own post-NRO afterlife as a burgeoning media mogul.
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Campaigns With Senate Candidate Adam Laxalt In Nevada
WASHINGTON September 21, 2022
With Trump’s post-raid halo beginning to dim, Ron DeSantis has retaken the Fox spotlight with a series of ingenious provocations—even if they’re more trouble than they’re worth. Plus, updates on Trump’s SPAC mess and his turn toward ‘Q.’
Doug Mastriano
MEDIA September 14, 2022
After crashing through a G.O.P. primary, Mastriano’s fringey brand of Q-inflected, hyper-MAGA politics has been a harder sell with general election voters. The Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidate hasn’t made things easier by insulating himself from the very media outlets he needs to win.
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