liz cheney
WASHINGTON September 7, 2022
There’s no plausible lane for a President Cheney, but that won’t necessarily stop the Jan. 6 heartthrob from trying. Plus the cynical calculus (and hilarious blunders) behind the potential imminent liquidation of Trump’s erstwhile SPAC.
sarah palin
WASHINGTON August 31, 2022
After a decade on the political lam, Sarah Palin is back—running in two elections, brandishing her O.G. populist behavior—but is she too late to her own game?
"Candace" Hosted By Candace Owens
MEDIA August 24, 2022
Ben Shapiro and Jeremy Boreing have gone from millennial alt-right content jockeys to full-blown influencers to, truly, mini-kingpins of a billion-dollar MAGA D.T.C. media business. Is the only thing that can stop them their own ambition?
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Holds News Conference In Miami
WASHINGTON August 10, 2022
Trump insiders are counting their lucky stars over an F.B.I. raid that seems likely to unify MAGA-land, potentially move up the former president’s announcement, and put DeSantis in a box.
WASHINGTON August 3, 2022
Tuesday’s primaries make clear that election denialism is becoming an increasingly critical voting issue on the right, and one that will impact the midterms, ‘24 presidential primary, and possibly the general.
Ron DeSantis
WASHINGTON July 27, 2022
During two nights in Tampa, it became painfully clear that Trump still owns DeSantis—down to the Gen Zers and millennials who revere the guy like their own Dick Nixon.
Ron DeSantis
WASHINGTON July 20, 2022
Trump’s now all-but-assured entry into the next White House race is already complicating the Florida governor’s ambitions to succeed him. But the agony of waiting his turn might outweigh the risk of challenging Trump head-on.
Donald Trump
WALL STREET July 13, 2022
While Trump contemplates the timing of a 2024 run, he is also facing another, even more pressing deadline to consummate the merger between his struggling media company, Truth Social, and a rapidly deflating SPAC. Plus, news and notes on Jan. 6th’s inside men and McCormick’s post-campaign opportunities.
The Thomases
WASHINGTON July 6, 2022
The SCOTUS conservative majority’s unofficial First Lady has driven liberals berserk with her Trumpism, January 6th adjacency, and anti-Roe activism. It’s enough to make some in this town wonder if her Facebook posts narrate her husband’s internal monologue.
Cassidy Hutchinson
WASHINGTON June 29, 2022
According to the elite Republican operatives I surveyed after the Hutchinson testimony, a quiet estrangement is gradually accelerating.
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