What I’m Thinking… About Bezos’s Secret Company and Biden’s $875k-a-Ticket Fundraiser

Jeff Bezos Speaks At Economic Club Of Washington
Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images
Theodore Schleifer
June 22, 2021

One of the most rewarding parts of writing for this community is the feedback that I receive from readers. I’ve been inundated with great questions over the past week, and I’ll be engaging with some of them here—in addition to a few observations of my own.

You wrote last summer about a secretive new company that Jeff Bezos had started in part to manage his philanthropy. What happened to that?

Two summers ago, in the wake of his ex-wife’s very public signing of the Giving Pledge, Jeff Bezos quietly formed a company called Fellowship Ventures, perhaps with the intention of facilitating some head-turning philanthropy of his own. The LLC, registered in Delaware by his personal lawyer, Paul Dauber, emerged from obscurity last August when I reported that it applied for the trademark to the Bezos Earth Fund, the new $10 billion climate-change philanthropy that Bezos created last year, then disappeared back under the radar.