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Fear and Loathing in Moscow

Russian opposition activist and journalist Yevgenia Albats
Russian opposition activist and journalist Yevgenia Albats. Photo by Sasha Mordovets
Julia Ioffe
September 13, 2022

Evgenia Markovna Albats, who is always addressed by her stately patronymic, is the doyenne of independent Russian journalism. At 64, she has the stripes to prove it. Back in the 1980s, she was one of the first Soviet journalists to actually report on the K.G.B. (Her story about tracking down the former N.K.V.D. interrogator who sent a legendary Soviet scientist to his death in the Gulag absolutely floored me.) She has also written vividly about being a woman in the late Soviet era, and what it was like to give birth in a perestroika-era hospital plagued by shortages of everything from clean needles to running water.