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Hollywood Picks a Favorite in L.A.’s Mayoral Race

Matthew Belloni
November 14, 2021

The political donor class in Hollywood traditionally doesn’t get too involved in unsexy L.A. politics. But I feel like that’s changing a bit. I saw people like Damon Lindelof and Ava DuVernay and Mike Schur posting on social media about last year’s L.A. city council race, and now it seems the industry is lining up behind Karen Bass, the congresswoman (my congresswoman, actually) who has declared herself a candidate for L.A. mayor in next November’s election.

Jeffrey Katzenberg is all-in for Bass, who was on Biden’s shortlist for running-mate, and on Thursday, Sam Fischer, the Ziffren Brittenham lawyer and fundraising ringleader, hosted a Bass event with his wife at their Hancock Park home. The host committee included WME’s Rick Rosen, Searchlight’s David Greenbaum, manager Brian Dobbins, and producers Stacey Snider, Jenno Topping, Marta Kaufman and Gail Berman. More Bass events are planned, I’m told.