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Somebody’s Gotta Win

Puck senior political correspondent Tara Palmeri is here to help you get through what may be the most chaotic and consequential presidential election cycle of our lifetime. With 15 years covering politics, Tara speaks with the smartest political brains to discuss what is happening behind the scenes in Washington D.C., and on the campaign trail.


Feb 27 36 min 54 sec

Tara is joined by CNBC analyst Ron Insana to discuss the state of the U.S. economy and analyze the muddled messaging being put forth to the voters by President Joe Biden and the Democrats about its positive gains. Throughout their conversation, they dive into the political implications of inflation over the past few presidential terms […]

Feb 21 33 min 48 sec

Tara is joined by political strategist Terry Sullivan to share their reactions to the announcement that Nikki Haley is staying in the presidential race and discuss the current state of her campaign. They then examine the beginnings of Haley’s career and speculate on her political future after this weekend’s South Carolina primary. For more of […]

Feb 15 51 min 5 sec

Today, Tara brings Philadelphia Representative Brendan Boyle onto the pod to discuss his state's role in the 2024 election. Congressman Boyle gives his predictions for how integral Pennsylvania will be in the race, shares his opinions on the special counsel report on Joe Biden, debates the merits of an old candidate vs. a wild one, […]

Feb 13 47 min 19 sec

Today, Tara invites conservative journalist and author Charlie Spiering onto the pod to chat about his new book ‘Amateur Hour: Kamala Harris in the White House.’ They discuss Kamala's career and journey to the White House, how she's performed as vice president, her relationship to the Bidens, and how exactly her approval rating might affect […]