Somebody’s Gotta Win

Puck senior political correspondent Tara Palmeri is here to help you get through what may be the most chaotic and consequential presidential election cycle of our lifetime. With 15 years covering politics, Tara speaks with the smartest political brains to discuss what is happening behind the scenes in Washington D.C., and on the campaign trail.


Jul 12 24 min 0 sec

Tara gets together with Puck’s own Abby Livingston to share their instant reactions to President Joe Biden’s high-stakes press conference at the NATO summit and discuss the next steps for his candidacy. For more of Tara’s reporting, please sign up for her newsletter, 'The Best and the Brightest,' at and use the discount code […]

Jul 11 40 min 0 sec

Tara is joined by bipartisan political strategist Rachel Pearson to discuss all of the legislative rumblings on both sides of the aisle regarding President Biden’s next moves after his universally panned debate performance. They go over the D.C. rumor mill, analyze the meaning behind some of the new polling, and shine a light on Engage, […]

Jul 9 45 min 15 sec

Tara is joined by senior White House correspondent for CBS News, Weijia Jiang, to analyze the next steps for Joe Biden after a disastrous media week that followed his much-maligned debate performance against Donald Trump. They shine a light on Team Biden’s attempts at damage control, speculate on what it would take for Joe to […]

Jul 1 29 min 45 sec

Tara is joined by national political correspondent for Axios, Alex Thompson, to discuss the concerns buzzing amongst Democratic lawmakers in regards to Joe Biden’s disastrous debate performance against Donald Trump last Thursday. They examine the aides around Biden that aggressively shield him from embarrassing media coverage, speculate on what it would take for the president […]