Somebody’s Gotta Win

Puck senior political correspondent Tara Palmeri is here to help you get through what may be the most chaotic and consequential presidential election cycle of our lifetime. With 15 years covering politics, Tara speaks with the smartest political brains to discuss what is happening behind the scenes in Washington D.C., and on the campaign trail.


Sep 21 46 min 36 sec

Polls show that voters are begging for more choices among their candidates, but a third-party contender might not be the right answer when it comes to shutting down Trump. On today’s episode, Tara chats with political strategist and Lincoln Project cofounder Reed Galen to figure out whether this is the moment for a third-party breakthrough. For more […]

Sep 19 40 min 6 sec

Tara speaks with former House Speaker Newt Gingrich about the Republican strategy behind pursuing an impeachment inquiry. Then, she asks Puck congressional reporter Abby Livingston whether the GOP’s game of brinksmanship will backfire. To sign up for Tara’s Puck newsletter, 'The Best and the Brightest,' visit Host: Tara Palmeri Guests: Newt Gingrich and Abby […]

Sep 14 60 min 48 sec

Even prior to this week’s impeachment inquiry, Joe Biden has been dogged by attacks from Donald Trump and his allies … but so far, he hasn’t hit back. On today’s episode, Tara chats with First Lady Jill Biden's former press secretary, Michael LaRosa, about whether the president should be punching back. He also talks about […]

Sep 12 22 min 31 sec

Congress is back in session, just in time to decide if it will continue to fund the federal government. Tara talks to Puck News reporter Abby Livingston about the looming funding deadline and House Speaker McCarthy’s eternal standoff with his own party’s far-right faction. Plus, how Hakeem Jeffries and New York Democrats are handling the […]