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Q&A: Casey Wasserman on Buying Paradigm Music and the Olympics Dilemma

Casey Wasserman at the Sun Valley conference
(Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)
Matthew Belloni
June 6, 2021

Periodically I’d like to use this space to check in with industry people who are doing smart or interesting things. Casey Wasserman is a good guy to start with, since he finally closed in May on his company’s acquisition of Paradigm’s music business after 14 months of dealmaking. Westwood-based Wasserman, Casey’s company, now has added an A-list live touring division to a sports representation and athlete services company, just as the pandemic shutdowns are lifting. I Zoomed with the L.A. native, grandson of MCA legend Lew Wasserman, and chair of LA28, the Los Angeles Olympics organizers, the day after he attended his first post-Covid Lakers game. This is an edited Q&A …

Matt Belloni: Is music something that you have wanted for years or are you just seeing an asset that becomes available and pouncing?