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The Interns of Hollywood Can See Through the B.S.

Photo-illustration: Puck; Photos: Kevin Winter/RB Bauer-Griffing/Dominique Charriau/Mario Tama via Getty Images
Matthew Belloni
August 14, 2023

I went to a nice dinner the other night that the producer Roy Lee organized at the Microsoft Lounge with about 25 fellow film and TV producers. These kinds of get-togethers can quickly turn into bitch-fests these days, amid the strike shutdown and general industry malaise. But while the table discussion was off the record, I noticed that in our back-and-forth about how Hollywood can better wage the war for relevance with young people, one big producer referred a couple times to the hopeful insights of his company’s college-age interns. Huh, I thought. 

I had just taped a podcast about how Hollywood, once so vibrant with young stars and executives, has become a gerontocracy, with many of the same people running the business for decades now, possibly leading to the funk and dysfunction that plays out in the headlines. Some entertainment companies are great about empowering and listening to their young people; many aren’t.