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The Problems with the Lizzo & Leah Remini-Scientology Suits

The Lizzo complaint ventures into intriguing territory.
The Lizzo complaint ventures into intriguing territory. Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images
Eriq Gardner
August 7, 2023

Over the past five years, rap-pop star Lizzo has become an international symbol of full-figured empowerment, with a thriving musical career and blossoming reality TV success. That feel-good narrative was upended last week when three former background dancers—Arianna Davis, Crystal Williams, and Noelle Rodriguez—lodged a provocative complaint in Los Angeles Superior Court, accusing the 35-year-old singer of cultivating a hostile work environment. Their scandalous accusations (sexual, religious, and racial discrimination; weight shaming; false imprisonment, etc.) ignited social media. Yet, amid all the hullabaloo, little consideration has been given to whether the case against Lizzo holds any legal merit. 

In short, is this yet another celebrity legal mess defined by sensationalistic headlines, but where courtroom victories remain elusive? In my view, the answer is a resounding yes. That’s because this case, despite its buzz, will almost certainly draw a formidable First Amendment challenge.