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mitch mcconnell donald trump
WASHINGTON April 18, 2024
With McConnell waving the white flag and the Trump tax cuts expiring, Republicans are racing to set up dark money receptacles for corporations and kingmakers with the hopes of buying influence in a G.O.P.-dominated Senate.
j.d. vance donald trump
WASHINGTON April 11, 2024
With the clock ticking, the abortion issue has reshuffled Trump’s V.P. deck.
donald trump
WASHINGTON March 28, 2024
The R.N.C.’s post-Ronna mass-firing, coupled with Biden’s ability to haul $25 million in a single night, frame the latest anxieties within Trumpworld and the donor elite.
katie britt
WASHINGTON March 21, 2024
News and whispers from Capital Grille: the sotto voce blame game for prepping Katie Britt, more No Labels schadenfreude, a Cotton vs. Ernst leadership tiff, and Joe Manchin’s next news cycle.

donald trump kellyanne conway
WASHINGTON March 14, 2024
Unsurprisingly, Mar-a-Lago is alight with gossip and prognosticating about who might fill a second Trump administration: will it be the starched collar crowd, the old standbys, or the MAGA die-hards? You might be surprised by what people are saying…
donald trump
WASHINGTON March 7, 2024
While many think Trump will select his vice president based on their appeal to voters, the emerging consensus among campaign insiders is that his choice will come down to who can perform best with wealthy donors—his greatest vulnerability.
mike johnson
WASHINGTON February 29, 2024
News and notes on the anxieties, murmurs, and insights circulating through this town, including No Labels’ big vote and Mike Johnson’s burgeoning in-crowd.
donald trump
WASHINGTON February 22, 2024
Fascinatingly, Trump’s $355 million financial penalty (plus interest) has some among the donor crowd warming to the presumptive nominee. Are they just being reflexively opportunistic, or genuinely sympathetic to the financial plight of a fellow billionaire?

joe biden
WASHINGTON February 15, 2024
The readout from the Cafe Milano crowd about Biden’s age and vanity.
Ronna McDaniel
WASHINGTON February 8, 2024
After Ronna Romney McDaniel’s defenestration, the trial balloons, lobbying, and guessing games for Trump’s new R.N.C. chairperson have truly begun. Welcome back to 2016 again. Plus, some notes on McConnell’s future.
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