Donald Trump
WASHINGTON November 21, 2022
When Truth Social was being developed, there were conversations about exemptions to Trump’s eight-hour exclusivity window with Truth if he were to become a candidate. Now it’s something his team is exploring.
kevin mccarthy
WASHINGTON November 21, 2022
News and notes on McCarthy’s Speakership vote whipping, the power of M.T.G. in the new Congress, and the MAGA’s unchecked nuclear options on Biden’s cabinet members and family.
Nancy Pelosi
WASHINGTON November 17, 2022
The longtime Democratic leader, a fixture of the House for decades, will step back into a chairman-like role in the minority rather than retire immediately, giving her time to manage her succession and ensure the stability of her caucus through the forthcoming McCarthy era.
Nancy Pelosi
WASHINGTON November 14, 2022
New reporting on the talk of the town: Pelosi’s succession drama, Biden’s age, and a White House wedding.
Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Sen. Rick Scott
WASHINGTON November 10, 2022
The post-midterm inside conversion roiling top operatives’ DMs, text threads, phone lines, and the best tables at Le Dip: Rick Scott’s potential mutiny, Biden realism, Trump’s vice, Ronny euphoria, primary clues, and much, much more.
kamala harris
WASHINGTON November 7, 2022
With the Democrats about to lose the House, and maybe the Senate, why is the top of the party so infatuated with the L.A. mayoral race, a contest between two Democrats? The multifold answer explains a lot about how Democrats see themselves, their future, and their image.
joe biden
WASHINGTON November 3, 2022
The White House spin machine is in overdrive as Biden’s inner circle debates how to message a possible midterm “shellacking” without acknowledging that it might somehow be their fault.
Kevin McCarthy
WASHINGTON October 31, 2022
An inside conversation about the inside conversation and revolving door in America’s favorite company town, circa a week before the midterms.
WASHINGTON October 27, 2022
Who’s in? Who’s out? Where’s Javanka, and whether to expect cameos from Hope, Bannon, Miller, Stepien, and more? Plus, a special bonus edition of midterm fears on the right and left.
Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich.
WASHINGTON October 24, 2022
A candid conversation with the revolutionary former speaker on Biden, 2024, McCarthy’s strategy, Trump, and much more.
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