joe biden
WASHINGTON July 11, 2024
News and notes from inside the campaign bunker. Plus, the latest on Trump’s V.P. calculus.
donald trump joe biden debate
WASHINGTON June 27, 2024
I chatted with some of the top operatives around town to get their honest read and predictions on tonight’s first, and possibly only, presidential debate. Here’s what people in this town are whispering under their breath.
rupert murdoch
WASHINGTON June 20, 2024
Inside the game of telephone surrounding Donald Trump, on the precipice of locking in his vice presidential pick, as everyone from Sean Hannity to Fox émigré Tucker Carlson to Rupert Murdoch, himself, attempts to put their finger on the scale.
Doug Burgum
WASHINGTON June 13, 2024
As the veepstakes beckon, Trump seems curiously taken by Doug Burgum—the ultra-conservative plains centimillionaire with the attractive wife and Pence-like deference. Is this his Cary Grant?

Donald Trump
WASHINGTON June 6, 2024
Without any precedent to guide them, and no insight from polls, the typically omniscient Democratic political class is debating whether to take the high road or risk transforming Trump into a martyr.
hunter biden
WASHINGTON May 30, 2024
As the world digests the conviction of the ex-president, Republicans are banking on the trial of Hunter Biden, next week, to obscure the fallout.
donald trump ron desantis
WASHINGTON May 23, 2024
After the Shell Bay Club détente, Ronny is out there shilling for his old nemesis, Trump is dangling convention spots, and the DeSantis brain trust is eyeing a path to ’28.
Hakeem Jeffries
WASHINGTON May 16, 2024
News and notes on the fallout from the presidential debate détente, Biden’s big House Democratic headache in New York, and what Mar-a-Lago needs from the Trump veepstakes.

donald trump phone
WASHINGTON May 9, 2024
The Chinese-owned app has become a hotbed of pro-Trump activity at precisely the moment when a putative Trump administration would provide its best shot at survival.
ivanka trump
WASHINGTON May 2, 2024
Out of the spotlight but itching to return, the former first daughter has begun quietly surveying allies about how, and when, she might help the Trump campaign—and possibly find herself back in the White House.
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