Of course, just because Rupert Murdoch is turning the chairmanship of both companies over to Lachlan, no one believes he is giving up control of either Fox or News Corp.
William D. Cohan September 24, 2023

Iger’s $60B Gamble, I.P.O.-looza & Rupert’s Legacy

Notes on the latest storylines in media and finance: the Murdoch family trust, a rocky road for I.P.O.s, and a silver lining at Disney.

What remains to be seen is whether Bob Iger has one more big M&A deal left up his sleeve.
William D. Cohan September 13, 2023
Running Disney may be close to impossible, but Iger is supposed to be the one guy with near complete free rein—isn’t everything on the table?—to do it. Are his various half-step initiatives early signs of Vulcan chess, or something much less magical?
William D. Cohan August 30, 2023
An intimate chat with Steve Schwarzman.
The fundamental question facing Pitaro & Co. is whether consumers are willing to really pay up for ESPN’s content over the long term.
William D. Cohan August 27, 2023
News and notes on the hottest topics among the Meadow Club crowd as the dealmaking begins to heat up: ESPN’s potential dance partner, the hottest document making its way around town, and an around-the-corner A.I. idea.