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leon black
William D. Cohan April 10, 2024
It wasn’t just a $158 million relationship with Jeffrey Epstein that led to Leon Black’s departure from Apollo. It was his melodramatic relationship with Russian model Guzel Ganieva. A candid interview, legal filings, and unearthed transcripts of wire-tapped conversations depict the astonishing and gut-churning fallout.
shari redstone
William D. Cohan April 7, 2024
News and notes on Shari Redstone’s artful use of her special committee to the board, and Ari Emanuel’s own financial maneuvering.
leon black
William D. Cohan April 3, 2024
For the first time since his controversial departure from Apollo, Black speaks about his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein, and his tumultuous final year at the firm he created.