Burford Capital C.E.O. Christopher Bogart.
Eriq Gardner November 27, 2023
Christopher Bogart, the litigation financier who scored a 10-figure judgment against Argentina, goes on the record about his beef with Mike Johnson, Elon Musk’s legal fixer, and how he’s using A.I.
“I’ve never had better material,” Michael Lewis said. “The material is unbelievable. And it was. But it had to pass through this American moral filter.”
William D. Cohan November 26, 2023
The bestselling author of Going Infinite hits back at the “shit show” criticism of his book, the spectacle inside the courtroom, and S.B.F.’s putative $5 billion offer to Trump.
Trian founder partner Nelson Peltz has commenced a proxy battle against Disney to get the board seat Iger denied him.
William D. Cohan November 19, 2023
News and notes on the latest Wall Street swirl: Nelson Peltz’s fuzz math, Zaz’s denominator problems, and the latest leg of the ARK saga.