Dylan Byers September 20, 2023

Mark Thompson’s Message & MTP Overheating

News and notes on the latest preoccupations of the television news business: Mark Thompson’s Five Year Plan and Kristen Welker’s debut on ‘Meet the Press.’

So far in his second iteration, Iger’s superpowers seem wanting, as if sapped by kryptonite.
Dylan Byers September 8, 2023
As Disney’s stock has hit a decade low, former heir (and current Blackstone-funded roll-up guru) Kevin Mayer is making his presence felt across the Disney portfolio. But in the everything-on-the-table era, what’s actually on the table?
We are in the “everything on the table” era, after all, when Bob Iger is publicly floating an ABC sale and seeking a strategic partner for ESPN.
Dylan Byers September 6, 2023
Notes on the existential reality undergirding Disney’s white-knuckled negotiation with Charter. (“The game is over,” as one media executive put it.)
Thompson would not have taken the top CNN job if he didn’t intend to impose dramatic transformations that more thoughtfully align the network’s editorial efforts with its business ambitions.
Dylan Byers September 1, 2023
And so the Mark Thompson era officially begins at CNN…