joe biden nancy pelosi
Tara Palmeri July 18, 2024
With pressure mounting in Congress, the long arm of Nancy Pelosi is working through surrogates to bypass Biden’s inner circle and convince him to exit the race with dignity. “Nancy is historically always a first mover on legislation, and Schumer is always a closer,” said a senior Hill source with knowledge of the campaign. “It’s going to be the collective pressure.”
donald trump
John Heilemann July 18, 2024
At a private lunch just outside of the R.N.C., longtime Trump pollster Tony Fabrizio confidently expounded on the campaign’s view that it has myriad—and growing—paths to 270 electoral votes: “We literally stopped counting at 25.”
jd vance
John Heilemann July 17, 2024
An insider conversation with G.O.P. turned #NeverTrump strategist Stuart Stevens and The Bulwark’s Tim Miller about the foibles and pitfalls of J.D. Vance as Trump’s running mate, the opening of the Republican convention, and the ongoing existential drama in Bidenworld.