Last week, Ron DeSantis used the word “woke” so many times that it became a punchline in the media.
Tina Nguyen June 5, 2023

DeSantis’s Iowa Edge & Elon’s Anti-Woke Headache

Thoughts, reflections, and fresh reporting on a couple right wing media scandals.

Tim Scott relies on the coded notion of “personal responsibility” to shift the burden of society’s failures onto the individual.
Baratunde Thurston May 29, 2023
A donor class sensation, Scott perpetuates a fantasy about American self-reliance that tells you everything about his candidacy.
Theodore Schleifer May 25, 2023
Scenes from the DeSantis Day One mega-donor event at the Miami Four Seasons, as the candidate’s “investors” prepare to flood the zone with money.
Beyond the obvious jokes about whether Elon Musk fanboys are a meaningful Waterloo constituency, the DeSantis rollout fiasco does raise the question about the future of conservative media on Twitter.
Tina Nguyen May 25, 2023
Ruminations on MAGA political-media tragedy.