The Town

Hosted by Puck founding partner and Hollywood expert Matt Belloni and The Ringer’s Bill Simmons, covering breaking news and the inner workings of showbiz.


Mar 30 29 min 56 sec

Matt is joined by Chris Lee, a senior reporter at Vulture and New York magazine, to discuss why the quality of visual effects in comic book movies, particularly Marvel movies, seems to be declining. They discuss Marvel’s questionable employment practices, how it outsources portions of its VFX for cheap, the possibility of a VFX union, […]

Mar 30 31 min 51 sec

Matt is joined by author and media investor Matthew Ball to discuss the recent boom in successful video game adaptations in Hollywood, whether this is the beginning of a new trend, which studios are best suited to capitalize on this movement, and how this affects the metaverse. Matt finishes the show by giving a box […]

Mar 27 28 min 58 sec

Matt is joined by Bloomberg’s Lucas Shaw to discuss his report about Apple planning to get into the theatrical business in a big way, with the company planning to spend $1 billion to make and release movies in theaters. They break down Apple’s rationale, partnering with traditional studios for distribution help, its commitment to making […]

Mar 24 30 min 54 sec

Matt is joined by the chair of the motion picture group at Lionsgate, Joe Drake, to talk about how the 'John Wick' series came to be and the future of the franchise, how hard is it for a non-major studio to compete with other studios in the theatrical business, making originals vs. franchises, and how […]