The threat A.I. poses to the livelihoods of Hollywood’s writers goes beyond the mere existential threat of being replaced by auto-generated text.
Baratunde Thurston July 25, 2023

A.I.: A Hollywood Odyssey

There are ways that these tools can enhance storytelling, support labor, and improve the industry. But that has to be determined in collaboration—not by a handful of big tech companies dropping random, unvetted digital tools on an industry. Not again.

Baratunde Thurston March 19, 2023
Reflections on the new ChatGPT, “doughnut economics,” D.E.I. backlash, and what the right got wrong about Silicon Valley Bank.
OpenAI C.E.O. Sam Altman, announcing ChatGPT’s integration with Microsoft Bing.
Baratunde Thurston March 5, 2023
Billions of dollars are rushing into another high-tech hype cycle, this time around ChatGPT and other large language models. This time, it’s different.
baratunde lensa
Baratunde Thurston December 11, 2022
The rise of ChatGPT suggests how artificial intelligence is coming for the arts.