YouTube C.E.O. Neal Mohan.
HOLLYWOOD June 6, 2023
The least talked about video company is also the most popular, a veritable platform of platforms with billions of users, the one upon which all those other streamers rest.
Webtoon’s All of Us Are Dead is the fourth most watched international TV series of all time on Netflix.
HOLLYWOOD May 30, 2023
A candid conversation with JunKoo Kim, founder and C.E.O. of Webtoon, which has become an essential content discovery platform for Netflix and other global streamers.
HOLLYWOOD May 23, 2023
Netflix upended the industry once again last week with its first appearance at the upfronts, touting some strong numbers for its new ad tier. The streamer’s main argument coalesced around 5 million monthly active users, but… five million of what, exactly?
In 2019, Bob Iger was openly wary of introducing too much general entertainment to Disney+, concerned that it would harm the “family brand.”
HOLLYWOOD May 16, 2023
When Bob Iger first ushered Disney into the streaming era, he prioritized the company’s historic brand over growth at all costs. Well, now it’s time for growth at all costs.

V.P. of advertising marketing and partner solutions at Roku, Dan Robbins, who is at the center of two major issues facing the streaming industry.
HOLLYWOOD May 9, 2023
The real battle for consumer attention isn’t between individual apps but rather the set-top device-makers that aggregate everything on your smart TV’s “home screen”—and that starts with Roku.
Shows like Game of Thrones and Euphoria are inseparable from the HBO brand. But they’re also more than that.
HOLLYWOOD May 2, 2023
An insider assessment of the shows and strategies that Netflix, Disney+, and the soon-to-be-renamed Max should be developing to cultivate new audiences and grow their footprint.
Hulu president Joe Earley.
HOLLYWOOD April 25, 2023
An analytical assessment of the shows that Paramount+, Peacock, and Hulu need to buy and sell—before they are bought and sold, themselves.
The Boys is one of the few Prime Video series to chart on Nielsen, and its Season 3 finale is one of only three Amazon shows to amass more than 1 billion minutes streamed in a week.
HOLLYWOOD April 16, 2023
Gaming out what shows are working, what genres are oversupplied, and where there are the greatest growth opportunities for Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV+.

Netflix co-C.E.O. Ted Sarandos. Few in Hollywood known how the transition to streaming will play out, or which business model will prove to be the right one.
HOLLYWOOD April 4, 2023
As Hollywood retrenches from its cash-burning, everything-at-the-wall, win-at-all-costs era, streaming guru Matthew Ball weighs in on the industry’s shrinking margins, a new Netflix competitor, and why gaming is merging with traditional entertainment.
‘Dragged Across Concrete,’ a critically acclaimed but semi-controversial Mel Gibson vehicle that bombed at the box office in 2018, is now a Netflix hit.
HOLLYWOOD March 28, 2023
While its rivals shift back to a theatrical-first, monetize-as-you-can content strategy, Netflix is doubling down on what it does best: leveraging its massive scale, data, and that coveted home page to resurface content that the rest of Hollywood needs to sell.
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