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jury duty amazon freevee
HOLLYWOOD February 27, 2024
The first real signs of streaming consolidation are upon us. Five niche players, in particular, seem most vulnerable to the next wave.
brian roberts
HOLLYWOOD February 20, 2024
NBCU’s once forlorn streamer is having a real moment, thanks to the NFL and a couple new hits. But if the service truly wants to survive the streaming wars, it should drop its pretensions of prestige and embrace full Bravo-ization.
bob iger
HOLLYWOOD February 13, 2024
It’s been a week since ESPN, Fox, and Warner Bros. Discovery announced their enigmatic three-headed sports skinny bundle. The industry is overwhelmed with questions, but one thing seems certain: this thing isn’t here to stay.
HOLLYWOOD February 6, 2024
Sure, the streaming home of the Super Bowl, now being circled by numerous potential acquirers, has reined in its ambitions—decreasing spending and licensing its best content to its competitors. But the real challenge for Par+ comes down to its technology.

Netflix reportedly paid $20 million for the recent hit ‘Beckham.’
HOLLYWOOD January 30, 2024
Conventional wisdom, spurred on by Netflix, suggests that it is smarter to invest in sports-adjacent documentary content than exorbitant and ephemeral sports rights packages. But, obviously, it’s much more complicated.
In the wake of Vision Pro’s launch, Apple is gearing up to essentially give away new V.R. cameras to as many curious creators as possible to accelerate the adoption of what Apple is calling “immersive video.”
HOLLYWOOD January 23, 2024
Almost everyone seems to agree that mixed reality devices, like Apple’s new Vision Pro headset, will anchor entertainment platforms of the future. But which comes first, the users or the content?
Taylor Swift celebrates with fans during the AFC Wild Card Playoffs between the Miami Dolphins and the Kansas City Chiefs at GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium on January 13, 2024 in Kansas City, Missouri.
HOLLYWOOD January 16, 2024
NBCU may be proudly boasting that 23 million people tuned into Peacock’s exclusive broadcast of the Chiefs-Dolphins playoff game. But sports fans aren’t always sticky streaming customers, and success is rooted in what happens after the game is over.
When Young Sheldon debuted on Netflix in December as part of a “co-exclusive” arrangement between the streamer and the show’s owner Warner Bros., it scored 963 million minutes watched in its first week, and doubled to 1.8 billion minutes in the second—some 20x the minutes watched on Max the week before.
HOLLYWOOD January 9, 2024
Examining the trendy, largely one-sided economic arrangement pervading the streaming space.

In the last few years, Amazon not only acquired the rights to Thursday Night Football, it also made major sports rights acquisitions in almost a dozen other countries, including the U.K., Brazil, and Australia.
HOLLYWOOD January 2, 2024
Amazon may have entered the entertainment business to sell more toilet paper and toothpaste, but it definitely sees local sports as a way to serve ads and hawk merch.
Shari Restone’s media empire is worth more broken up into its constituent parts.
HOLLYWOOD December 26, 2023
News, notes, predictions, and cautionary tales for the streaming industry in ’24.
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