Bob Chapek
HOLLYWOOD August 16, 2022
No, Disney didn’t just surpass Netflix in total subscribers—unless you can justify 1+1=3. Inside the semantic-financial civil war over the most powerful number in streaming.
HOLLYWOOD August 9, 2022
In light of his Batgirl slashing and earnings call manifesto, WBD C.E.O. David Zaslav is articulating a new logic for streaming: it’s going to be an important and growing revenue channel, but not the only one that matters. Here’s what Zaz is really saying, and how it might (or might not) work.
HOLLYWOOD August 2, 2022
Richard Plepler has the surprise of the summer in Black Bird, but not because it is executive produced by the former HBO chief. It’s because the Apple TV+ show is so damn hard to find. Also: Notes on Hulu’s latest strategy.
HOLLYWOOD July 31, 2022
As he recontorts the content strategy (and budget) of Warner Bros. Discovery, David Zaslav is making a bet that technology has forever changed the way kids consume content, particularly live-action fare.
HOLLYWOOD July 28, 2022
At last, the streaming industry has matured to the state where it has multiple viable contenders, the best content on the market, and intense summer season face-offs can make-or-break a parentco’s quarter.
Producer Jed Schlanger and actor Karl Urban
HOLLYWOOD July 24, 2022
Out with the Ryan Murphy deals, and in with the modest-sized bets on cheaper, “stickier” animation and anime fare.
reed hastings
HOLLYWOOD July 21, 2022
For years, Netflix projected it could acquire 90 million subscribers in the U.S.—and that international growth would follow a familiar hockey-stick path. But subscriber losses in its most mature, valuable market also foreshadow future impediments to Netflix’s TAM: What happens when the competition heats up there, too?
Stranger Things cast
HOLLYWOOD May 30, 2022
The global phenomenon, back after a three-year break, offers the embattled streamer an opportunity to change its narrative with a hybrid-binge drop strategy calculated to lure back subscribers and reduce churn.
David Zaslav
HOLLYWOOD April 14, 2022
The streaming wars are, simply put, a race to own the best content and have the strongest pipes to distribute it (along with all the financial engineering and tax avoidance befitting a media behemoth, naturally). Here are my four predictions for how David Zaslav can take Warner Bros. Discovery from No. 3 to No. 2—or even higher.
Matt Stone and Trey Parker
HOLLYWOOD March 10, 2022
These days, most new shows don’t make it past three seasons. But a long-running cartoon that has a fortified fan base, the promise of daily engagement, and guaranteed new episodes is perhaps the most valuable asset in media.
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