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Evan Peters as Jeffrey Dahmer in Dahmer - Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story.
HOLLYWOOD December 20, 2022
One last look back at what we learned, and what comes next, after Hollywood’s streaming annus horribilis.
harry & meghan
HOLLYWOOD December 13, 2022
News and notes from inside the streaming industry: The surprising data, and strategy pivot, behind Netflix’s two-part documentary series with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.
HOLLYWOOD December 6, 2022
Netflix pumped out more megahits in 2022 than any time in recent history, so why is subscription growth petering domestically as its stock limply recovers? Hollywood may be a hits business, but streaming is a little more complicated.
HOLLYWOOD November 29, 2022
The World Cup was supposed to promise soccer fans a plethora of streaming options. Instead, it demonstrates just how far the industry has to go to nail live sports.

HOLLYWOOD November 22, 2022
Bob Iger was legendary for big ideas—Marvel, Star Wars, the pivot to streaming—at a time when the economy, and Disney’s stock, only went up. Now, upon his return amid a brutal market correction, Iger’s success or failure will depend on sweating the small stuff, too.
Chris Rock
HOLLYWOOD November 15, 2022
After years spent running away from linear TV, consumers are rediscovering the mindless pleasure of browsing YouTube TV and Hulu, among others. With ad tiers launching and Apple and Amazon testing the water with live sports, could Netflix be far behind?
hocus pocus 2
HOLLYWOOD November 8, 2022
‘Hocus Pocus 2’ has become perhaps the quintessential title for understanding modern Hollywood’s identity crisis. If a movie this successful on streaming isn’t going to theaters, what does that mean for other films coming down the pipeline at Disney?
HOLLYWOOD November 1, 2022
Girls5Eva, a Tina Fey-produced comedy that struggled to break into the zeitgeist at Peacock, was the perfect target for Netflix as it down-shifts from high-budget originals to ad-friendly comfort food. It’s also evidence of a new and sophisticated audience retention tactic to turn network castoffs into global hits.

HOLLYWOOD October 25, 2022
Andor, one of the best reviewed and most ambitious Lucasfilm projects in years, is also one of its least watched. But as Disney+ looks to expand the Star Wars audience, there’s more to success than just ratings.
Evan Peters as Jeffrey Dahmer in Dahmer - Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story.
HOLLYWOOD October 18, 2022
Netflix naysayers suggest that the forthcoming ad-supported tier will cheapen the brand, lead subscribers to downgrade, and lower the ARPU. But it’s actually an opportunity for the company to accelerate its pivot to its own O&O sitcoms, procedurals, and other content that its users already crave and its future ad partners lust over.
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