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Rag & Bone co-founder Marcus Wainwright is stepping down from his operational role at the business, where he was most recently chief brand officer.
FASHION July 20, 2023
Marcus Wainwright’s departure from day-to-day activities at Rag & Bone is the end of an era—and it’s an era that ended a long time ago.
Francesca Bellettini has been elevated from Saint Laurent C.E.O. to Kering’s deputy C.E.O., with all the brand C.E.O.s reporting to her.
FASHION July 20, 2023
A C.E.O. switcheroo at Gucci, coupled with Maureen Chiquet’s new Kering board seat, has everyone in Paris reading the succession tea leaves.
Alexander Wang, the former fashion wunderkind, has spent the last two-and-a-half years rebuilding his life.
FASHION July 17, 2023
In his first major interview since his very public scandal, Wang offers a candid history of his career, what went wrong, his view of the business, his Ye ties, and his unspoken yearning to become relevant once again.
Victoria’s Secret doesn’t really need more sales, per se. Instead, it needs bigger profits, which requires customers to buy things at full price.
FASHION July 13, 2023
Do the executives running Victoria’s Secret understand that the future of Victoria’s Secret is not Victoria’s Secret?

Under François-Henri Pinault, the son of the founder, Kering aligned itself with more modern, and resolutely more American ideas, emphasizing transparency and clarity of vision.
FASHION July 10, 2023
Is this even a competition anymore? A look at how Kering, LVMH’s biggest rival, is navigating the era of big luxury.
Alessandro Michele
FASHION July 6, 2023
LVMH is in the business of hoovering up all the land’s top design talent, which would put the industry’s biggest free agent right in their crosshairs. And perhaps their infrastructure is just what he needs in his next act?
Celine designer Hedi Slimane.
FASHION July 3, 2023
News and notes on a dramatic fashion week ending, a very British scandal, and whether A.I. is coming for the industry.
Kanye West and Dov Charney, founder of American Apparel.
FASHION June 29, 2023
What could possibly go wrong on this post-cancellation blanks adventure? A few thoughts…

The main topics of conversion in Paris coalesced around Pharrell, and the creative opportunities afforded to designers as the fashion business consolidates.
FASHION June 26, 2023
News and notes on men’s fashion week: designer gossip, the LVMH of it all, Pharrell, and more.
FASHION June 22, 2023
The ultimate quiet luxury brand has become a fully realized concept with genuine fashion bonafides. But the business is likely too small to sell to a strategic investor and needs additional capital to grow bigger and faster. Here come the term sheets…
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