tom ford
FASHION July 22, 2024
The quick departure of Peter Hawkings, Ford’s handpicked successor, begets the question: Without the founder’s obsessive control and inimitable taste, what’s left?
Kim Kardashian Skims
FASHION July 18, 2024
The Kardashians are under pressure to turn their most successful brand into an I.P.O.-ready, multichannel revenue machine that rewards their investors, justifies a $4 billion valuation, and fully supplants Victoria’s Secret—and soon. Can they pull it off?
Joshua Schulman
FASHION July 15, 2024
The British heritage brand, which used to be known for more than a “ludicrously capacious” tote, is struggling under plunging sales and a confused upmarket strategy. New C.E.O. Joshua Schulman will need to make some fundamental changes—and fast.
Roger Lynch
FASHION July 11, 2024
Discerning Condé Nast’s latest moves, entanglements, and disentanglements in the Middle East and China.

Meryl Streep Devil Wears Prada
FASHION July 8, 2024
Finally, a ‘Devil Wears Prada’ sequel is in the works, with Miranda Priestly facing the dystopian post-aughts realities of the magazine business. In other declining-industry news: notes on the Saks-Neimans merger.
Francois-Henri Pinault
FASHION July 1, 2024
Kering C.E.O and chairman François-Henri Pinault has spent the last year beefing up his executive bench and seeding a succession plan, even as things at Gucci remain uncertain.
Peter Copping
FASHION June 27, 2024
News, notes, and the current discourse on the appointment of Peter Copping to lead Lanvin, France’s oldest house, which needs an injection from a real adult.
Bernard Arnault Delphine Arnault Antoine Arnault
FASHION June 26, 2024
News and notes on the Arnaults’ Richemont investment and the paterfamilias’ magazine treatment.

anna wintour vogue world
FASHION June 24, 2024
Amid retail blues and high election anxiety, Anna Wintour flexes for the Vogue World pre-Olympics bash, pulling in fashion worthies (Galliano, Toledano, that guy from State Farm) and billionaires (Delphine, Dumas, Geffen) while acting like it’s just another day’s work.
menswear street style
FASHION June 20, 2024
Talking to Derek Guy, the oddly private fashion hobbyist with a million followers, about the vacuity of trends, why it’s hard to find good jeans, and the stratification of luxury and fast fashion.
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