the bidens
WASHINGTON August 18, 2022
New reporting on the drama enrapturing the West Wing, plus the latest round of Trump’s beef with Hannity, and Kyrsten Sinema’s rocky road ahead.
Presidential Advisor Anita Dunn Meets With Democrats On Capitol Hill
WASHINGTON August 15, 2022
New reporting on all the intrigue around town: Dunn’s West Wing endgame, DeSantis’s endorsement strategy, Gavin Newsom’s Biden love tap, and a potential sinecure for Hoyer and Clyburn.
Former President Trump Holds Rally In Support Of Wisconsin Candidates
WASHINGTON August 11, 2022
Of course, it took about 12 minutes after the F.B.I. raid on Mar-a-Lago for the denizens of Trumpworld to commence the important work of pointing fingers and implicating colleagues. Plus news on the Pelosi succession that Clyburn and Hoyer won’t like.
Rodney Davis
WASHINGTON August 8, 2022
Rodney Davis has spent a decade representing Illinois’s 13th district before being deemed by voters as insufficiently Trumpy and losing to a mega-MAGA candidate this summer. Now, as he prepares to leave Washington, he candidly opens up about the future of the party, the DeSantis question, Trump’s endorsement strategy, and hypocrisy on both sides of the aisle.
Kellyanne Conway
WASHINGTON August 5, 2022
The former White House aide, whose marriage and domestic life became crossover TMZ fodder, was in the Trumpworld doghouse for months. Now she’s edging her way back into Trump’s inner circle—and may be the frontrunner to run his campaign.
Manchin and Sinema
WASHINGTON August 4, 2022
The former political duo, once given the Capitol Hill Bennifer treatment, are really as unaligned as you could imagine—especially as Sinema has the chance to deflate her ole ally.
Beto O'Rourke
WASHINGTON August 1, 2022
Is Beto O’Rourke a generationally talented politician just waiting for the right race? Or a lovable loser-martyr who raises gobs of money and lights it on fire? Actually, a third narrative is emerging…
Dr. Mehmet Oz
WASHINGTON July 28, 2022
Republican Party insiders are increasingly frustrated with what they perceive as a certain laissez-faire attitude from the poorly-polling G.O.P. Senate candidate, who has spent nearly as much time on vacation as on the campaign trail.
Joe Manchin
WASHINGTON July 28, 2022
Speculation about Manchin’s appetite for political power and ‘24 fantasies miss core truths about the coal millionaire, former jock, career public servant, and double-wide house boat denizen. He doesn’t want to be the President of the United States. He wants to be the President of West Virginia.
David Axelrod
WASHINGTON July 25, 2022
David Axelrod, the ex-Obama adviser turned CNN gadfly, has been giving Biden’s comms shop indigestion—and a gnawing sense of pique. Meanwhile, aging Democratic leaders, scrambling for relevance in a post-Pelosi world, have become entranced by a potentially "transformational" political newcomer.
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