It appears Ron DeSantis isn’t stopping at abortion as he seeks to remake Florida as the state where “woke goes to die.”
WASHINGTON April 17, 2023
The governor’s allies are brushing off major donors who worry his six-week abortion ban and anything-goes gun laws would be political kryptonite in a general election. Other Florida insiders fear he could lose the state, too.
Dianne Feinstein’s resignation would unleash intra-state political tensions, and Gavin Newsom would be at the epicenter.
WASHINGTON April 13, 2023
The California governor is in a tough spot as the person empowered to fill Feinstein’s seat if she retires. There are three crucial voting blocs he could upset, and his own political future to consider.
Jeff Roe’s seasoned crew of advisors believe that Ron DeSantis can’t just shrug off the former president’s public attacks on him, which coalesce around the notion that he’s an establishment stooge.
WASHINGTON April 13, 2023
Roe is remaking DeSantis land in his image as Tallahassee considers bringing in more made-for-TV surrogates who can shape the candidate’s image rather than let Trump craft it. Is it too late?
Former press secretary Sean Spicer is back on the market after his contract negotiations with Newsmax went south.
MEDIA April 12, 2023
The former White House flack turned television personality is out at Newsmax, alongside three high-level executives, amid a wave of testy contract negotiations. Could he return to the Trump bosom?
Joe Biden’s biggest strength isn’t as a candidate, it’s being a senior statesman. A splashy re-election announcement doesn’t really change the dynamic for him.
WASHINGTON April 10, 2023
D.C.’s inside conversation about the issues that truly matter: Biden’s semi-unofficial anti-campaign, the DeSantis viability question, and Trump’s strangely ambiguous post-arrest polling fog of war.
Ron DeSantis already has about $200 million in the bank, but it’s been a rough month or so.
WASHINGTON April 6, 2023
There are rumblings all across Florida, but particularly in donorworld, that DeSantis is trending in the wrong direction and should hold his fire till ’28. Youngkin, on the other hand, doesn’t have that kind of optionality.
Florida governor Ron DeSantis.
WASHINGTON April 3, 2023
How the state’s political insiders are digesting DeSantis’s recent shadow-primary stumbles, the entry of Jeff Roe, and other high octane Tallahassee political gossip.
Glenn Youngkin hasn’t given up on the dream of running, and has signaled that Jeff Roe’s semi-betrayal has not impacted his thinking.
WASHINGTON March 30, 2023
Sure, Glenn Youngkin plays the role of half-zip-clad, keep-it-out-of-the-classroom soccer dad. But he’s a private equity grinfucker at heart, and he’s not gonna let Jeff Roe’s DeSantis dalliance get in the way of his presidential ambitions. Plus, updates on the D.N.C. bake-off and Mike Pompeo’s ’24 wanderlust.
Squad members like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Jamaal Bowman have been among a small cohort of TikTok defenders in the wake of last week’s Congressional hearings.
WASHINGTON March 27, 2023
An unapologetic insider conversation about the storylines fixating Washington this week, from the TikTok hullabaloo to the pre-primary consolidation of the ’24 field.
The small-dollar fundraising drought is especially problematic for Trump, who can no longer rely on Republican mega-donors to fill the gaps.
WASHINGTON March 23, 2023
A lackluster pre-indictment-gate small-dollar haul highlights an unlikely vulnerability vexing the Trump campaign: the easy money is no longer there.
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