Susan Collins
WASHINGTON June 27, 2022
Since the ruling dropped on Friday, I’ve been working the phones to canvas political insiders about what they’re hearing and projecting. Here are the handful of themes that people are privately talking about right now.
DeSantis and Trump
WASHINGTON June 23, 2022
After a rocky primary season, Trump has DeSantis and his expanding $124 million war chest on the brain. Sources in Bedminster are saying that he’s likely to move up a ‘24 announcement in order to freeze out the next generation. Plus: updates on Klainworld and why all eyes inside the West Wing are focused on Jill Biden.
Joe Biden
WASHINGTON June 20, 2022
Inside the White House, aides are marching forward, preparing to launch Biden’s bid for re-election. But the timing remains uncertain, as do an increasing number of questions surrounding when the Bidens will announce, and if the president wants to protect his family from the impending chaos.
Ron Klain and Joe Biden
WASHINGTON June 16, 2022
Despite frustrations that the White House needs a shift in direction, Biden is sticking with Ron Klain, and won’t be influenced by the media, the Twitter left, or anyone else. But just because Biden is loyal to Klain doesn’t mean that staffers aren’t above figuring out to whom they might want to hitch their wagons moving forward. Plus, notes on Liz Cheney’s rising left-wing reputation and Kim Guilfoyle’s Jan. 6 payday.
WASHINGTON June 9, 2022
News and notes on the Jan 6th committee, Biden’s donorville problems, a possible Pelosi third act, and Trump’s latest kingmaking concerns.
Ron Klain
WASHINGTON June 2, 2022
As Biden’s numbers sag, and Klain’s tactics wear thin, Anita Dunn is already making her impact felt with some optics tactics. Is it enough to create the much-needed vibe shift in Bidenworld? Also: news on Trump’s big announcement, House in-fighting, and French D.C. diplomacy.
Mitch McConnell
WASHINGTON May 26, 2022
The Republican’s 80-year-old lion of the Senate has dealt with it all—Trump, the insurrection, terrible candidates, countless unpopular votes—and still built a legacy as the court-stocking leader of the right. Now he’s in for the election season ride of his career: nutjob candidates, a controversial strategy, and the shadow of you-know-who.
Jeff Roe
WASHINGTON May 19, 2022
While most of the media focuses on the race in Pennsylvania between McCormick and Oz, political insiders are obsessing about the overtures and political canoodling between Donald Trump and Jeff Roe, the McCormick advisor and G.O.P. political operative du jour, whose own 2024 plans could define the party’s course.
Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Bernie Sanders
WASHINGTON May 12, 2022
Investigating the early steps to replace Pelosi, Gillibrand’s possible 13-year itch, Bernie’s sulking, and the dish inside the West Wing.
Psaki, Bedingfield, Klain
WASHINGTON May 5, 2022
Notes on White House succession planning, knives out for Ron Klain, and Trump’s VP shortlist. Plus what’s next for Jeff Roe, Elon, and the Ron-Don drama at Mar-a-Lago.
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