rick scott and mitch mcconnell
SILICON VALLEY September 26, 2022
Assessing the current state of play in the Washington war room: McConnell vs. Masters; McConnell vs. Trump; Trump vs. Trump; Trump vs. DeSantis; and the post-Pelosi hunger games.
WASHINGTON September 22, 2022
News and fresh reporting on the storylines consuming the district.
Hillary Clinton
WASHINGTON September 19, 2022
The muted return of the Clinton Global Initiative’s annual conclave is evidence that its first family is doing some brand burnishing. Plus, a new movement in the Pelosi succession drama and the leadership ambitions encircling The Squad.
GOP consultant Jeff Roe with Glenn Youngkin
WASHINGTON September 15, 2022
Roe, the prodigious G.O.P. operative du jour, shares his expansive views about the Democrats’ strategic euthanasia, Biden’s challenges, Trump’s ‘24 opportunity, and the precise playbook for a challenger to beat him. He also muses on some dream Dem candidates for the right to feast on.
rick scott
WASHINGTON September 12, 2022
Rick Scott came to Washington with a twinkle in his eye after a very successful run in the private sector and the Tallahassee governor’s mansion. He thought he could apply his maverick ways to running the N.R.S.C., only to learn that there’s only one way to do things in the Senate—and that’s McConnell’s way.
joe biden
WASHINGTON September 8, 2022
Not long ago, in a politically carnivorous riverside town known as D.C., elite liberals seemed ready to shiv their unpopular president into retirement—gossiping to the Times about his age, making wan public statements of enthusiasm, preemptively knifing him over the midterms. But with renewed momentum, the worm has turned.
joe biden
WASHINGTON September 5, 2022
John Anzalone, the blunt Democratic pollster-strategist on the White House speed-dial, tabulates the factors that could determine the outcome of the midterms, who holds Congress, and the fate of the presidency itself.
Kevin McCarthy
WASHINGTON September 1, 2022
Facing a tighter-than-expected midterm race, the presumptive future Speaker of the House has a former president who is playing mind games with him and a caucus who is ready to extort him. It’s a job he’s wanted forever, but is the Boehneresque writing already on the wall?
dr oz
WASHINGTON August 25, 2022
A look inside Kevin McCarthy’s annual Jackson Hole strategy mixer, where an unmentioned Trump loomed larger. Plus, James Carville’s next act and why Nadler won in New York.
President Trump Holds MAGA Rally In Las Vegas
MEDIA August 22, 2022
Ever since the raid on Mar-a-Lago, the simmering resentment between the former president and his former favorite news platform has entered a new and complicated phase. Each side needs the other, but neither want to look like they’re being played. So who will bend first?
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