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nicole shanahan
SILICON VALLEY April 16, 2024
Three weeks ago, R.F.K. Jr. chose the well-connected (and very wealthy) but largely unknown Nicole Shanahan as his running mate. Now, top Democratic donors and operatives are debating whether to use their friends in Silicon Valley to get oppo on her—or ask them to pitch her on an “off-ramp.”
tim scott donald trump
SILICON VALLEY April 9, 2024
News and murmurs from the Mar-a-Lago money circuit: Larry Ellison’s involvement in the Trump veepstakes, John Paulson’s billionaire donor bash, and the anti-Biden progressive group trying to get serious.
melinda gates bill gates
SILICON VALLEY April 2, 2024
The hottest commodity in the world of megadonors is Rory Gates, the spotlight-averse, socially awkward 24-year-old scion of Bill and Melinda—an overnight sensation among Democratic donor-hustlers desperate for the next big thing.
Nicole Shanahan Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
SILICON VALLEY March 26, 2024
Just a few years ago, Nicole Shanahan was being courted by everyone in Silicon Valley as the next great hope for the Democratic Party. Then her life went topsy-turvy, and she fell down the rabbit hole for R.F.K., Jr.

Dustin Moskovitz
SILICON VALLEY March 19, 2024
The Facebook co-founder and effective altruist Dustin Moskovitz spent up to $100 million to defeat Donald Trump last cycle. This time around, with an eye on beating back the Andreessens and Musks of the world, he is finally leaning into his power… and his checkbook.
joe biden
WASHINGTON March 12, 2024
Inside the Silicon Valley lunch behind the president’s explorations on TikTok—and the Republican billionaire fighting to keep the app unbanned.
jack dorsey
SILICON VALLEY March 6, 2024
The bizarre and totally unsurprising story of how Jack Dorsey’s advocacy for Robert F. Kennedy Jr. unnerved some members of the Block board.
nikki haley
WASHINGTON February 27, 2024
Nikki Haley is facing zero donor pressure to drop out of the race, but where does this end? Plus, a few new details on Marc Andreessen’s “radicalization” and lunch with Ron DeSantis.

Marc Andreessen
SILICON VALLEY February 22, 2024
After a long political “spirit walk,” Silicon Valley’s most famous V.C. is starting PACs, hiring elite political consultants, messaging with his favorite right-wingers and once again spreading capital across D.C.—all to pump up his investments and spread the gospel of Marc.
joe biden
SILICON VALLEY February 13, 2024
As the president heads to the West Coast to raise money on the heels of the Hur Report, the big-money crowd is asking existential questions and finding familiar answers. Plus: the inside story of why the R.F.K. super PAC refunded $10 million to Bezos’ security guy.
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