thiel & mcconnell
SILICON VALLEY September 20, 2022
McConnell and Thiel are throwing fundraisers for Blake Masters in Arizona, but they're closing their checkbooks to help a Republican nominee who, on the surface, appears to be compeitive.
gavin newsom
SILICON VALLEY September 20, 2022
The slick-haired, Peloton-sculpted governator has aligned himself against progressives in a bizarre, only-in-California spat that has divided Silicon Valley’s big-money factions.
blake masters
SILICON VALLEY September 13, 2022
New insider reporting on the Blake-Mitch-Thiel love triangle, an intriguing new political hire at Laurene Powell Jobs’s Emerson Collective, and a richly-priced Obama fundraiser at the epicenter of Silicon Valley.
SILICON VALLEY September 6, 2022
A tour through the subterranean world of Silicon Valley’s most elite and clandestine family offices.
Peter Thiel
SILICON VALLEY August 30, 2022
As Republicans unexpectedly labor to retake the Senate, the standoff between Thiel, the consummate contrarian, and McConnell, the consummate pragmatist, has suddenly become one of the most important relationships in the G.O.P. financial universe. Who is going to foot the bill for Vance and Masters: their ole mentor or potential future boss?
marc andreessen
SILICON VALLEY August 23, 2022
A candid conversation with Dmitri Mehlhorn, the Democratic donor insider, about Trump, Cheney, 2024, and beyond. Plus, the latest dish surrounding Silicon Valley’s most important V.C., MacKenzie Scott’s friends, and the hottest party this weekend in Los Angeles.
House Republican Leadership Holds Press Conference Day After Impeachment Inquiry Is Announced
SILICON VALLEY August 16, 2022
Musk’s confab with Kevin McCarthy in Wyoming, on the same day that Republicans are running Liz Cheney out of town, raises questions about his new political allies. Plus updates on DeSantis donor fatigue and what Peter Thiel really wants from Washington.
Sergey Brin
SILICON VALLEY August 9, 2022
Bayshore, the family office at the center of Sergey Brin’s ongoing divorce, is a sprawling $100 billion entity with interests as disparate as Parkinson’s research, disaster relief, and superyacht management. Its real central interest, though, has been Sergey’s privacy—until now.
SILICON VALLEY August 2, 2022
In San Francisco, speculation that Nancy Pelosi will soon depart Congress has given way to excitement and apprehension surrounding a potential last hurrah fundraising bacchanalia in Napa. Plus, news on the rise of a little-known G.O.P. shadow project aligned with Peter Thiel.
Sergey Brin
SILICON VALLEY July 27, 2022
The Journal’s decision to report that Elon Musk had a sexual "liaison" with Sergey Brin’s estranged wife—an affair that the parties now directly involved kinda-sorta deny—is being scrutinized in media circles with almost talmudic intensity. Is the reporting legit? And will Shanahan sue?
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