Ignoring Donald Trump has essentially been Ron DeSantis’s strategy over the past two years while angling for a ’24 presidential run—but a well-placed G.O.P. comms official fully disagreed the approach, calling it “consultant stuff that sends all the wrong signals.”
WASHINGTON March 22, 2023
With the Manhattan district attorney threatening to put Trump on trial, and DeSantis declining to stand in his way, G.O.P. operatives are coalescing around the notion that it’s now the ex-president’s race to lose.
DeSantis’s promise to ensure that no “blank checks” will be written to Ukraine placates the MAGA voter, and reassures the norms-based international order and moderate Republicans hoping for a less volatile president.
WASHINGTON March 15, 2023
News and notes on the subtle movements on the right: DeSantis’s domestic policy-based foreign affairs play, and the N.R.A.’s long shadow.
Has CPAC transformed from a big-tent activist spectacle into a polarizing MAGA-world sideshow?
WASHINGTON March 8, 2023
An insider’s analysis of how D.C.’s preeminent conservative political summit lost its clout.
Glenn Beck’s The Blaze merged with CRTV in 2018, and late last year raised a round of financing from investors including the billionaire DeVos family.
MEDIA March 3, 2023
The Blaze, one of the original conservative politics-meets-lifestyle brands of the digital media era, has raised a new round of financing from investors including the billionaire DeVos family.
A wave of political figures have publicly indicated their inclination for Ron DeSantis for president, presumably over Trump.
WASHINGTON March 1, 2023
If early proto-endorsements are any indication, DeSantis is racking up the support of Taliban 20ers, Florida-adjacent rich guys, and people who want to destroy Trump. Is that a leading indicator of ’24 viability?
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.aFlordia governor Ron DeSantis, as a matter of rhetoric, has made his presumptive candidacy about the general feeling that the left’s social-justice warriors have gone too far.
WASHINGTON February 22, 2023
A candid conversation about the political fundraising questions percolating in the pre-’24 landscape: Will DeSantis eventually alienate the Silicon Valley bigwigs? Will MAGA buy Haley’s act? What’s behind the Larry Ellison-Tim Scott bromance? And can George Santos keep from imploding?
DeSantis, a 2005 graduate of Harvard Law, isn’t any sort of threat to return us to a world of taxation without representation, but he’s an expert MAGA dog-whistler.
WASHINGTON February 15, 2023
A little arcane constitutional dog-whistling has provided DeSantis with a clever way of courting an insurrectionary segment of the MAGAverse while playing inside the confines of a party practically begging for an insurrection-free presidency.
Until recently, DeSantis had been careful not to antagonize the former president or to alienate his base; Trump, in turn, had mostly avoided taking potshots that might inadvertently elevate a presumptive rival.
WASHINGTON February 8, 2023
News and notes on the modern Republican party: Trump’s decision to escalate his war on DeSantis, M.T.G.’s diminishing clout among the Taliban 20, and a new Peach Pit for the MAGA crowd in the swamp.
“Taliban 20”
WASHINGTON February 1, 2023
News and notes on the G.O.P.’s “Taliban 20” detente, George Santos’s political personality disorder, and Ron DeSantis’s digital army.
jeremy boreing
WASHINGTON January 25, 2023
The messy, $50 million battle between The Daily Wire and Steven Crowder highlights the embiggening financial stakes pitting MAGA cancelation jockeys against “Big Con.”
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