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ralph reed
WASHINGTON May 29, 2024
A wide-ranging interview with Ralph Reed, the religious leader and lobbyist, about the Republican politics of abortion, the evolution of the Israel issue, and why evangelicals are all in on Donald Trump.
mike johnson israel
WASHINGTON May 22, 2024
The speaker has cleverly, and perhaps cynically, turned a crusade against antisemitism into an opportunity to drive a wedge through House Democrats—and isolate enemies to his right, too.
mike johnson
WASHINGTON May 15, 2024
The perpetually embattled House Speaker has been hitting the road to flatter Trump, secure the support of pro-Israel groups, and flex his fundraising agility as another potential leadership battle looms.
Reps. Ralph Norman, R-S.C., Thomas Massie, R-Ky., and Chip Roy, R-Texas
WASHINGTON May 8, 2024
The once-sleepy Rules Committee, previously a glorified rubber stamp for the House speaker, has instead become an unlikely flashpoint in the G.O.P.’s ongoing civil war.

Lauren Boebert matt gaetz marjorie taylor greene
WASHINGTON May 1, 2024
Yes, the majority of the party is still fervently aligned with Netanyahu and his war in Gaza. But a growing number of House lawmakers, bolstered by the isolationist (and occasionally antisemitic) far right, are beginning to view Israel more as a bargaining chip than a sacred cow.
mike johnson Marjorie Taylor Greene
WASHINGTON April 24, 2024
House hardliners are fuming, once again, after Mike Johnson jammed Ukraine funding through Congress, received CNN’s blessing, and called M.T.G.’s bluff. Do they have any cards left to play?
Marjorie Taylor Greene
WASHINGTON April 17, 2024
Scenes from the latest House Republican mutiny-in-progress.
Ronna McDaniel
WASHINGTON April 10, 2024
A character study on the evolution and exile of a moderate-turned-election denying MAGA loyalist, and the vicissitudes of life outside Trump’s economic orbit.

donald trump susie wiles
WASHINGTON April 3, 2024
As two competing D.C. factions attempt to woo Trump over the right to staff his putative government, the former president is already planning on moving his transition team to Mar-a-Lago—inciting aspiring hires to fight tooth and nail for their jobs. (Sound familiar?)
mike johnson
WASHINGTON March 27, 2024
Republican hardliners, outraged over yet another vote in which they were sidelined, are slowly capitulating to the reality that their motion-to-vacate threat has lost its oomph—and that Speaker Mike Johnson isn’t speaking for them anymore.
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