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Media’s Trump Hangover and the Kamala Conundrum

Trump eclipse
Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images
Julia Ioffe
December 28, 2021

It’s so quiet in Washington right now. The swamp slumbers during these days between Christmas and New Year’s, but we at Puck never sleep. So we’re bringing you a conversation between me and Jon Kelly, our co-founder, editor-in-chief, and, more importantly, my friend. Herewith, my conversation with Jon, about the D.C. media’s post-Trump hangover, Kamala’s 2024 question, and the Manchin-infrastructure disaster, among others.

Jon Kelly: Julia, you wrote a great piece over the summer about the mild dystopia engulfing the D.C. media in the post-Trump era. In the last week or so, both the Journal and AP have published significant pieces confirming what we already presumed—Americans’ appetite for political news, once the coin of the realm, has faded considerably.