U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi lands in Taiwan
WASHINGTON August 2, 2022
The Speaker’s trip to Taipei is the latest, and possibly the final hawkish turn in her three decade conflict with Beijing. (“She wants to stick it to China,” as one person put it.) Meanwhile in Washington, the Biden administration faces a lose-lose negotiation with Moscow.
Qin Gang
WASHINGTON July 26, 2022
During a few days in bucolic Aspen, Beijing’s envoy to the U.S. summarily defended China’s designs on Taiwan and Hong Kong, stood up for Putin, eye-poked Biden, and scared the bejesus out of the otherwise clubby U.S. foreign policy community.
Mark Leibovich
WASHINGTON July 19, 2022
A candid catch-up with Mark Leibovich, Washington’s preferred bard and the author of Thank You For Your Servitude, on Bubble World, D.C. appeasement, Liz Cheney, and the modern G.O.P.
Brittney Griner
WASHINGTON July 12, 2022
Griner—Black, American, gay—has become ensnared in a Russian penal system that effectively makes her Putin’s personal prisoner, and, potentially, a geopolitical pawn in the Ukraine war. So far, it doesn’t seem she’ll be released anytime soon.
Joe Biden
WASHINGTON July 5, 2022
Last week’s Bavaria-Brussels-NATO schmoozefest was haunted by fears that there will be no second Biden term—and that the return of America-first isolationism will soon leave Europe at Putin’s mercy.
Nancy Pelosi
WASHINGTON June 28, 2022
During the past few days, I’ve been talking to Republican operatives across D.C. They were all careful not to gloat, but they’ve also been shocked at how little the Democratic Party is doing to fight back.
WASHINGTON June 21, 2022
If the West was counting on sanctions to create enough economic pain for the Russian population to rise up, sweep Putin from power, and end the war, they have been wildly unsuccessful. In fact, many conscientious objectors who at first fled the country are wending their way back home.
Philippe Étienne
WASHINGTON June 14, 2022
Philippe Étienne, the French ambassador to the U.S., is probably the most popular, and polished, figure in establishment Washington. And he may know more about Russia than anyone else in this town.
Russian attacks on Ukraine
WASHINGTON June 7, 2022
Allowing Russia to impose its will on the Ukrainians in the name of peace—denying their agency, both as a people and as a democratic state—isn’t justice, and it won’t bring peace.
PUCK May 31, 2022
Right now, America’s support of Ukraine remains a bipartisan issue. But below the surface, an ebbing of financial support may be coming into sight.
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