nato summit joe biden
WASHINGTON July 9, 2024
After the debate, Europeans are starting to come to the conclusion that Biden is done for and that a second Trump presidency is inevitable. And they insist they’re not freaking out about it. “We can’t control who wins,” a European defense official told me, “but we’ll work with what we have.”
joe biden foreign officials nato
WASHINGTON July 3, 2024
Overseas political observers are asking how the world’s greatest democracy ended up with the choice of Biden versus Trump: “We see the same videos—and debates.”
Vladimir Putin
WASHINGTON June 18, 2024
Eight years on from 2016, much of the Russian influence operation is now run out of the Kremlin, from Putin’s presidential administration. The good news: a lot of it is bafflingly bad and some of it is hilariously awful.
vladimir putin
WASHINGTON June 11, 2024
Unlike in 2016, and despite Trump’s affinity for strongmen, there’s no consensus inside the Kremlin over which of the two U.S. presidential candidates—the predictable antagonist or the geopolitical wild card—would be better for Putin’s Russia.

joe biden antony blinken
WASHINGTON June 4, 2024
Biden’s national security team has been unusually loyal, with all the key players sticking around and working through one grueling cataclysmic geopolitical challenge after another—Afghanistan, Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan, etcetera. Why aren’t they turning over or cashing out? “There’s a sense that we’re standing at the precipice right now,” said one senior administration official.
joe biden
WASHINGTON May 28, 2024
Pissing off most of the people most of the time is just another day for a U.S. president. Will the Israel-Gaza war be different?
joe biden israel
WASHINGTON May 21, 2024
In a new poll, voters say Trump, the former antisemite-in-chief, would be better at fighting antisemitism than Biden.
vladimir putin Sergey Shoigu
WASHINGTON May 14, 2024
Notes on Putin’s game theory for pressuring Kharkiv and the real reasons behind his wartime cabinet reshuffle.

Vladimir Putin inauguration
WASHINGTON May 7, 2024
Vladimir Putin’s fifth inauguration speech confirms that the soft authoritarian is now a hard fascist, more isolated but also more assured than ever in his superiority above his subjects, the inevitability of victory in Ukraine, and his almost divine right to rule Russia as he sees fit.
ukraine war
WASHINGTON April 30, 2024
For a while, it was easy to blame a dysfunctional Washington for Ukraine’s problems on the battlefield. Now that the supplemental is done and the aid is once again going out the door, the ball is in Ukraine’s court.
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