Former President Trump and Vladimir Putin.
WASHINGTON September 20, 2022
A candid and searing look at Trump’s most astounding provocations, from Barr and Putin to Xi and Playboy, in conversation with Susan Glasser and Peter Baker, the authors of The Divider.
Russian opposition activist and journalist Yevgenia Albats
WASHINGTON September 13, 2022
The former queen mother of the Russian opposition, now living in exile, reflects on the terror that drove her compatriots from the capital, the contempt among those left behind, and the oligarchs who are on the verge of revolt.
Speaker Pelosi
WASHINGTON September 6, 2022
At a time when America needs its allies more than since the Bush years, some of our most important embassies remain empty—a foreign manifestation, naturally, of a very domestic crisis.
WASHINGTON August 30, 2022
There is understandable trepidation in Washington and Kyiv as Ukraine mounts a stunning counteroffensive. Should it succeed, it would solidify Ukraine’s reputation as the military comeback kid. If it fails, it could make this winter’s triumph look like a fluke—and embolden Putin for a new wave of horrors.
Alexander Dugin
WASHINGTON August 25, 2022
The fire from the car bomb targeting Putin’s arch-propagandist hadn’t been extinguished before the speculation began: who could’ve come for Dugina? The Ukrainians? The F.S.B.? And, more importantly, why?
Russian President Putin Attends Navy Day Parade
WASHINGTON August 23, 2022
Six months into the invasion of Ukraine, it turns out that Putin kept his warlike intentions to himself—away from his ministers and presidential aides—until the very last moment. And yet now his war is more popular than ever in the motherland.
WASHINGTON August 16, 2022
News of the ex-president’s unsecured intel stash is triggering national-security P.T.S.D. all over this town. The man who tormented their sleep for years, it turns out, might still have the nuclear codes after all.
Christopher Wray
WASHINGTON August 9, 2022
The raid on Mar-a-Lago has re-opened MAGA tensions with an institution that some on the right associate with Comey, Russiagate, and so forth. But it’s ironic how Republicans are applying the same anti-police rhetoric they once shamed liberals for using.
U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi lands in Taiwan
WASHINGTON August 2, 2022
The Speaker’s trip to Taipei is the latest, and possibly the final hawkish turn in her three decade conflict with Beijing. (“She wants to stick it to China,” as one person put it.) Meanwhile in Washington, the Biden administration faces a lose-lose negotiation with Moscow.
Qin Gang
WASHINGTON July 26, 2022
During a few days in bucolic Aspen, Beijing’s envoy to the U.S. summarily defended China’s designs on Taiwan and Hong Kong, stood up for Putin, eye-poked Biden, and scared the bejesus out of the otherwise clubby U.S. foreign policy community.
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