WASHINGTON December 31, 2021
U.S. to Status-Craving Russian Villain: Please Don’t Invade Ukraine, Let’s Talk It Out!
Trump eclipse
WASHINGTON December 28, 2021
Year-end reflections on the political-media industrial complex, Biden’s health secret, Harris’s 2024 odds, and Putin’s next move.
Joe Manchin
WASHINGTON December 21, 2021
Washington is awash with rumors that Manchin and the Democrats—the swamp’s version of Bennifer—are on the verge of a break-up. Here’s what’s really happening.


In this new media age, the creator is the heart of the business equation.
WASHINGTON December 17, 2021
Without a friend in Washington, Russia’s president returns to his usual methods—and threats of violence—to put NATO off balance.
Vladimir Putin
WASHINGTON December 9, 2021
Now that Biden is president, Putin seems to want to make sure that his point of view and priorities are considered, too; that he is seen as an equal and as someone to be reckoned with. To do that, he has imposed himself on the news cycle—and into the White House’s priorities, with plenty of tricks up his sleeve.
Russian troops
WASHINGTON December 6, 2021
Ironically, the greatest risk to Russia stems from Putin’s own paranoid fantasies. But the danger of military escalation over Ukraine is all too real.