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Benjamin Netanyahu Yoav Gallant
WASHINGTON April 15, 2024
Biden, Blinken, and Sullivan aren’t the only ones losing patience with the Israeli prime minister. The Israeli national security establishment has its own profound gripes and concerns, too.
michael mccaul
WASHINGTON April 2, 2024
A bracing conversation with Michael McCaul, the G.O.P. head of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, on the complex task of convincing House Republicans to help save Ukraine.
Vladimir Putin
WASHINGTON March 26, 2024
As ordinary Russians mourn Friday’s deadly terror attack in the city, the country’s leadership has activated its propaganda apparatus to direct suspicion toward the usual suspects: Washington, Ukraine, and its “Western masters.”
alexey navalny
WASHINGTON March 19, 2024
Notes on the frustrations and fixations of the Georgetown set: a Russian hostage exchange mystery, the irony of Netanyahu’s foreign meddling, and the tragedy of Putin’s comical election.

Volodymyr Zelensky
WASHINGTON March 13, 2024
Running low on ammunition and soldiers, and with U.S. aid held hostage by politics, Ukraine is struggling to withstand the Russian siege. But the outcome of the war isn’t written in stone—yet. If it can hold on until 2025, when more military capacity will finally come online, Ukraine might not win back all its territory, but it might very well not lose.
alexey navalny
WASHINGTON March 5, 2024
The fate of the Russian opposition, which was allowed to mourn Alexey Navalny and now faces violence and imprisonment for that small act of protest, feels more unsettled than ever.
Yulia Navalnaya
WASHINGTON February 21, 2024
An insider’s dispatch from the annual Munich Security Conference: Yulia Navalnaya’s heart-stopping address, the ghosts of American delegations past, the feverish chatter surrounding Mike Johnson, Russia-Ukraine anxieties, and much more.
alexey navalny
WASHINGTON February 19, 2024
Alexey Navalny wasn’t simply a powerful oppositional leader or visionary. For many Russians, he was the future leader of a post-Putin Russia—a cosmopolitan democracy that espoused freedom and equality. Now that he is gone, his widow Yulia is taking up the fight.

Amaney Jamal
WASHINGTON February 13, 2024
Amaney Jamal, the Palestinian-American dean of Princeton’s School of Public and International Affairs, on polling inside a war zone, whether both sides still support two states, and how Palestinians are processing a generational calamity.
Brett McGurk
WASHINGTON February 6, 2024
Everyone in Washington has an opinion of McGurk, the controversial Blob star, president whisperer, and veteran foreign policy player. But is he a cunning opportunist or simply the best diplomat in a town filled with them?
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