PUCK May 24, 2022
Under Swiss guard and fearing for his safety, a former Russian diplomat opens up about his shocking resignation, Putin’s nuclear threat, and how it all ends.
WASHINGTON May 17, 2022
As we approach the three-month mark in Russia’s attack on Ukraine, there is plenty of cause for optimism—a “dynamic stalemate” in which Russia’s military is collapsing while Ukraine is fighting with discipline, valor, and Western aid. But as one Russian military expert told me, Russia is focused on “grinding down” the Ukrainian military. The word he used, though, was “peremolot',” which can be translated to describe something that a wood chipper does.
WASHINGTON May 10, 2022
Putin’s childhood taught him many lessons that shape his thinking and actions to this day: that might makes right, that existing hierarchies can only be changed through violence, that force is the only language that matters, that power is always a zero-sum game.


In this new media age, the creator is the heart of the business equation.
Roman Abramovich
WASHINGTON May 3, 2022
As Russia’s invasion of Ukraine enters its third month, Putin’s chummy ruling class is feeling the burn. It’s a reminder that they were never so chummy in the first place.
President Biden
WASHINGTON April 27, 2022
Before the invasion, the administration was hesitant to provide too many weapons to Ukraine since, the thinking went, they wouldn’t stop the inevitable and would likely end up in Putin’s hands. Now, the calculus is different.
Russian soldiers singing
WASHINGTON April 21, 2022
Vladimir Putin’s misbegotten war is a blatant attempt to restore his vision of the Russky mir—a pan-Slavic neo-Soviet nation state built on Russian dominance. And yet his war is being waged by the very young men, and supported by the families, that his government has oppressed.