Amazon’s Next Target and the Afghan Disaster

U.S. And Afghan Forces Battle Taliban In Kunar Province
Photo by John Moore/Getty Images
William D. Cohan
August 22, 2021

Since I began writing my column for Puck, I’ve been inundated with feedback about Wall Street’s biggest characters and concerns. I’ll be engaging with some of those questions here—in addition to a few observations of my own.

The mismanaged U.S. departure from Afghanistan has been dismaying to watch for obvious political and humanitarian reasons. Based on your conversations, what is Wall Street’s view? Are there fears that Kabul will become a rump state for China or Russia?

The consensus view is that the departure from Afghanistan has been botched. As one close observer of the situation said over dinner the other night, American civilians should have come out of Afghanistan first, then military equipment, then soldiers. That’s the way it should be done, if it is going to be done correctly. (Former President Donald Trump put out a statement similar to this, oddly. Maybe he’s hearing the same song I am.) Instead, we have had the opposite, which is why American civilians are struggling to leave the country in what is shaping up to be a serious political and humanitarian disaster.