elon musk
WALL STREET October 5, 2022
A close reading of the most insane acquisition of our age: why Musk capitulated, the banks who scored, and who’s left holding the bag.
Elon Musk
WALL STREET October 2, 2022
Musk’s texts, which include a startling dismissive exchange about Sam Bankman-Fried, reveal why he needs Ari Emanuel to save him from himself. Plus updates on Cathie Wood’s latest investment scheme and the potential resurrection of Credit Suisse’s investment bank.
Airplane Party Lounge
WALL STREET September 28, 2022
In the post-Black, post-Harris era, Apollo has eaten up the airline industry with a carnivorous blend of opportunism and financial creativity, and a healthy appetite for risk. Is owning an airline the endgame?
NY AG James
WALL STREET September 25, 2022
Notes on the hottest topics on Wall Street: the between-the-lines on the Trump suit, a private equity dumpster fire, and the end of SPACistan.
the mooch & SBF
WALL STREET September 21, 2022
The financial feel-good tale about how The Mooch, aka Anthony Scaramucci, turned the prospect of a dreaded day on a Caribbean cruise into lunch with S.B.F., aka the billionaire crypto entrepreneur Sam Bankman-Fried, and walked away with an opportunistic and timely multi-million-dollar investment into SkyBridge Capital.
Bob Iger
WALL STREET September 18, 2022
Observations on the great Wall Street stories of our age, or at least of this week: Josh Kushner’s new venture partner, Josh Harris’s $5 billion kiss-off to Leon Black, and the Elon-Cathie deflation delusion.
WALL STREET September 14, 2022
Memories of the Forstmanns, Morgan Stanley halcyon days, legendary deals made (and killed), and all the feels at Tom Lister’s jubilee.
steve mnuchin, gary cohn, wilbur ross
WALL STREET September 11, 2022
As Trump plots his return to the White House, would any of his former Wall Street brain trust sign on for round two? Plus observations on Jay Powell’s pain tolerance, Elon’s stalling tactics, and the odds of Secretary Schwarzman.
Sheryl Sandberg
WALL STREET September 7, 2022
If Dan Loeb gets his way, two new heavyweights will join the Disney board. Dan, here’s my suggestion list. (We can discuss the advisory fees later…)
robert f. smith
WALL STREET August 31, 2022
No, it’s not Twitter, or a fantasy Pinterest or Peloton deal. Instead, it’s a software L.B.O. that will dictate everything in the current deal desert.
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