WALL STREET December 7, 2022
Remember a time when our Wall Street heroes were good at business?
WALL STREET December 4, 2022
News and notes on Wall Street’s favorite mop-topped obsession, plus Elon’s latest gambit at Twitter.
WALL STREET November 30, 2022
A close reading of institutional investors’ remorse over the FTX implosion.
Carl Icahn
WALL STREET November 27, 2022
News and notes on some of the most controversial storylines percolating through Wall Street this week: TradFi’s crypto victory lap and Carl Icahn’s battle with the apes.
Bob Iger
WALL STREET November 23, 2022
The insider conversation on the two seismic storylines roiling Wall Street this holiday season: the latest beats in the saga of S.B.F., and what to expect from the new Iger era.
General Electric News Conference
WALL STREET November 16, 2022
By the mid-90s, Jack Welch was forced to ponder succession. Before him were a coterie of bright-eyed prospects—Cote, Immelt, Calhoun, and Nardelli, among them. But in the background was a scandal that befell perhaps his most qualified candidate. This is an excerpt from Power Failure: The Rise and Fall of an American Icon.
Sam Bankman-Fried
WALL STREET November 13, 2022
Wall Street comes to terms with a generational financial tragedy.
Elon Musk
WALL STREET November 9, 2022
The latest inside chatter on Wall Street about, among other things, fixing Twitter, Trump’s deal-making handcuffs, and the S.B.F. postmortem.
Elon Musk
WALL STREET November 6, 2022
News and notes on the most astonishing Wall Street stories of the week: Silicon Valley’s deep freeze, JayPow’s hidden message, and the Warner Bros. Discovery mess.
Tony Fratto
WALL STREET November 2, 2022
Tony Fratto is the latest executive to head from the hilt of D.C. to the Goldman P.R. throne. Some notes on what he can learn from his predecessors.
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