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Jon Feltheimer
WALL STREET May 22, 2024
An only-in-Hollywood story about Lionsgate, the Screaming Eagle SPAC, and “creditor-on-creditor violence.”
Sam Bankman-Fried
WALL STREET May 19, 2024
Sam Bankman-Fried may be locked up for 25 years for one of the greatest financial crimes in history. But clues to his appeal strategy may be emerging.
shari redstone
WALL STREET May 15, 2024
More news and notes from inside the Paramount quiet period. “We’re running out of things to delay this on,” shared one participant in the process.
david zaslav
WALL STREET May 12, 2024
Could the Paramount mess actually provide an unexpected benefit to David Zaslav and Warner Bros. Discovery?

Sam Bankman-Fried
WALL STREET May 9, 2024
On a recent Tuesday, I went to the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn for an intimate chat with America’s most famous prisoner, Sam Bankman-Fried. During our 75-minute conversation, we discussed everything from Caroline Ellison and the travails of his new life, to his regrets about the demise of FTX and his forthcoming appeal.
shari redstone
WALL STREET May 5, 2024
After letting the Ellison/RedBird exclusivity window lapse, it seems increasingly possible—at least for now—that the deal dies with age, Shari rejects the Apollo-Sony bid, and delays this brutal M&A process until next year. Quelle horreur!
Shari Redstone
WALL STREET May 1, 2024
Inside the Paramount M&A calamity as Shari and Gerry rejigger their deal, Gabelli signals his C.V.R. venom, and Apollo licks its teeth.
david ellison
WALL STREET April 28, 2024
The looming apparent ouster of Bob Bakish, which I previewed long ago, has the RedBird and Ellison group inching ahead of Apollo in the Paramount Global foot race—at least for now.

John Paulson
WALL STREET April 24, 2024
The former Valeant Pharmaceuticals is considering a controversial scheme to transform its best asset into a juicy dividend for its biggest shareholders, John Paulson and Brett Icahn. The company’s anxious creditors, who are owed $16 billion, have called on Wall Street’s toughest lawyers to intervene.
marc rowan
WALL STREET April 21, 2024
News and notes emanating from the Gin Lane crowd: details about Apollo’s deal for Paramount, and the impact of Solomon’s gangster quarter.
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