An Evening with Ron Klain

Credit: United Photography
The Editors
November 3, 2023

Last Monday, dozens of the most important people in Washington D.C. gathered at the scenic Top of the Hay at the Hay-Adams Hotel, overlooking the White House and the National Mall, to celebrate one of their own: Ron Klain, the consummate Washington insider, rainmaker, and power broker. Klain, of course, had semi-recently completed his latest stint in the West Wing, this time as Joe Biden’s chief of staff. And he had plenty on his mind about his former boss, the state of the economy, and the 2024 campaign.

Klain opened up about it all in a candid conversation with Puck’s own Peter Hamby, who hosted and M.C.-ed the invite-only event. The dialogue itself was strictly off the record, but it provided a fascinating window into Biden’s decision process, the election, and much more.