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David Solomon on Top of the World

Photo: Weston Wells
The Editors
February 27, 2024

Last week, in a private club on the 100th floor of the Central Park Tower in Manhattan—the highest residential building in the world, with glamorous, heartstopping views of the park and surrounding city—Puck hosted the third installment of our The Powers That Be: Live event series, in partnership with Mayer Brown. The evening’s distinguished speaker, Goldman Sachs’s razor-sharp and formerly embattled chief executive, David Solomon, engaged in a candid, off-the-record, and disarmingly charming conversation with Bill Cohan, one of Puck’s founding partners and the author of the essential financial private email, Dry Powder.

As guests settled into their seats, it was immediately evident by the tenor and erudition of both speakers that this was to be a special conversation. Bill, for his part, has not only written incisively about the firm for over a decade, but also published the definitive history of Goldman Sachs, Money and Power, in 2012. Six years later, David completed his rise to the top of Wall Street’s greasiest pole, and was appointed the firm’s chief executive, taking the reins from his predecessor, Lloyd Blankfein