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Anderson Cooper’s Secret Deposition & CNN’s “Triad” Misfire

anderson cooper
Anderson Cooper and CNN's entire fact-checking apparatus are central to a heart-stopping legal drama. Photo: Michael Kovac/Getty Images
Eriq Gardner
September 6, 2022

While Fox News prepares to defend itself against Dominion Voting’s $1.6 billion libel suit, its rival network, CNN, is facing a lesser-known but equally heart-stopping legal drama of its own. The allegations implicate not only CNN, which is in the middle of being downsized under new management, but also connect to star anchor Anderson Cooper and the entire fact-checking apparatus of the news operation, itself. I got my hands on Cooper’s sealed deposition, a transcript stretching several hundred pages that provides details about CNN’s newsgathering policies and its star anchor’s sensitivities. It’s no stretch to say that CNN could face a nine-figure damages verdict should it lose big at trial next spring.