alec baldwin
HOLLYWOOD July 9, 2024
At the dawn of the ‘Rust’ trial, the star actor is fighting a prosecutor’s gambit to connect a frenzied set with the shocking fatality. And yet, while Baldwin’s trial may be an engrossing televised event, it’s likely a cautionary tale rather than a catalyst for change in Hollywood.
shou chew tiktok ceo
HOLLYWOOD July 2, 2024
Despite its free speech history, Hollywood isn’t joining the First Amendment challenges to the U.S. government’s TikTok ban. A deep dive into why studio heads, producers, and writers might be making the wrong call.
the bikeriders movie
HOLLYWOOD June 25, 2024
Regency needs hits to elevate its narrative after a bungled succession and a series of flops. A new lawsuit suggests the indie production company may be facing real financial challenges, too.
joe biden Merrick Garland
HOLLYWOOD June 18, 2024
Inspecting the antitrust tea leaves surrounding the recently consummated Sony-Alamo Drafthouse deal. Are studio-owned theaters the future of the theatrical business, or is this arrangement merely a blip on the radar as we wade into an era of major regulatory shake-ups in Hollywood?

real housewives of new york
HOLLYWOOD June 11, 2024
That’s NBCU’s surprising legal rebuttal to the Leah McSweeney lawsuit. And, even more remarkably, there’s actually some precedent for the argument.
nfl Minnesota Vikings v Kansas City Chiefs
SPORTS June 4, 2024
After a decade of twists and turns, the league is facing down a 10-figure lawsuit that could also allow teams to cut their own deals with streamers, reshaping the business forever. Can the NFL afford to take that risk?
when they see us
HOLLYWOOD June 4, 2024
A last-minute deal made perfect sense for the streamer, which will donate $1 million to avoid a trial over Ava DuVernay’s “When They See Us.” But why did Linda Fairstein, who had so much leverage over Netflix, walk away?
Lina Khan
FASHION May 20, 2024
Lina Khan’s ivory tower antitrust outfit is going to war with the fashion industry under an untested legal theory that there is such a thing as the “accessible luxury handbag” market—and that Tapestry’s $8.5 billion merger with Capri will destroy it. Industry insiders say Khan doesn’t have a clue.

judge judy
MEDIA May 13, 2024
America’s favorite TV jurist is suing A360 Media, publisher of In Touch Weekly and The National Enquirer, over a Menendez murder trial mix-up. “It’s unconscionable,” she says, “and will be expensive.”
carlos watson
MEDIA May 6, 2024
News and notes from the legal frontier: Ozy Media heads to court, Triller comes up short, and Clare Locke hunts fees. Plus: Can Drake and Kendrick Lamar sue each other for defamation?
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