A.G. Sulzberger
WALL STREET March 18, 2022
How an unsigned editorial upended Twitter, presaged a new Times agenda, and revealed the media company's challenges in the post-Trump era.
Keith Olbermann
HOLLYWOOD March 16, 2022
Behind the scenes, Olbermann has been privately jonesing to rejoin MSNBC for years, reaching out directly to Jeff Shell repeatedly. The whole situation simply manifests how bizarre things have gotten at the soon-to-be former House of Maddow.
David Zaslav
HOLLYWOOD March 11, 2022
The new king of cable media is preparing to restructure his org chart upon the consummation of the Warner Bros.-Discovery merger. Meanwhile, at Chris Licht’s CNN, a new game of thrones begins.
HOLLYWOOD March 9, 2022
CNN’s remarkable coverage of Ukraine has evidenced its sizable advantage over its nearest rival, MSNBC, begging the two-fold question: who is in charge over there and what are they doing, exactly?
David Zaslav
HOLLYWOOD March 4, 2022
The atrocities in Ukraine have washed away much of CNN’s angst and sanctimony about the Zucker defenestration. Meanwhile, Zaz has encouraged a victory lap from “The Trio,” who have led the network in the interim. And as the European quagmire expands, many are still wondering what Chris Cuomo is fighting for.
Ben Smith
WALL STREET March 2, 2022
The Smiths’ forthcoming global media venture is beginning to coalesce as Ben and Justin close in on their first tranche of funding and poach their first high-profile executive. Plus, some new investor dish.
Chris Licht
HOLLYWOOD March 2, 2022
Chris Licht may share Jeff Zucker’s super-producer past, but his reign over CNN is likely to be quite a bit different—though not in the ways you might assume.
Chris Licht with Jeff Zucker
HOLLYWOOD February 26, 2022
According to people who have spoken with Zaslav, the former wunderkind producer Jeff Zucker will be succeeded by another former wunderkind, Chris Licht. Welcome to the new CNN.
Meredith Kopit Levien
HOLLYWOOD February 25, 2022
A coronation appears cemented at The Times. Meanwhile, a new detail emerges in the race to hire Jeff Zucker’s replacement.
Jen Psaki
WASHINGTON February 23, 2022
Biden’s spokesperson, who plans to leave the White House this year, is being feverishly courted by CNN and MSNBC, among others. And Psaki has ambitions to become a marquee star. Is she the next Maddow or Anderson?
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