TikTok C.E.O. Shou Chew—prepped by SKDK—withstood a drubbing from lawmakers on Thursday.
MEDIA March 24, 2023
News and notes on the inside story in the media industry: what Silicon Valley billionaires want Washington regulators to do with TikTok in D.C., how Iger’s cuts are playing in Bristol and Manhattan, and updates from the Washington media carousel.
One possible, momentary beacon of hope in television news’ long slide toward insignificance was Jen Psaki’s maiden voyage on MSNBC.
MEDIA March 22, 2023
News and notes from inside the television news business: Jen Psaki’s promising debut, the politics behind hosting the RNC debates, and a CNN ratings nadir.
A possibly ill-advised sit-down interview has opened up criticisms of ABC News president Kim Godwin’s leadership style.
MEDIA March 17, 2023
ABC News’s latest front in the ego management wars.
WBD C.E.O. David Zaslav, at the end of the 9 a.m. call, described CNN as an “unmoored boat.” But, he said, “this is our company, our boat. We all have an oar.”
MEDIA March 15, 2023
A scholarly perusal of the WBD C.E.O.’s arrival at CNN HQ. Plus, news and notes on Zucker’s media rollup and Mad Dog Beckman.
Dafna Linzer stepped down as Politico’s executive editor.
MEDIA March 10, 2023
The fast and mysterious departure of Politico’s executive editor may have been neither fast nor mysterious.
Tucker Carlson’s two-part special on the events of Jan. 6, 2021, which falsely portrayed the violent attack on the Capitol as a largely peaceful gathering of “sightseers,” has created “an internal battle” at Fox News.
MEDIA March 8, 2023
Inside Fox News, the network is starting to manifest the same tensions and schisms as the party it covers. Plus, news and notes on Licht’s pivot and Semafor’s controversial partnership.
In his Dominion v. Fox News testimony, Rupert Murdoch said hosts like Lou Dobbs were “endorsing” Trump’s election lies.
MEDIA March 3, 2023
A close reading of the Fox News-Dominion $1.6 billion lawsuit revelations: Is Fox signaling that it won’t settle? Is Murdoch playing for his legacy? Will Fox repatriate to Nevada? And did Dominion overplay its hand?
Murdoch’s shockingly candid deposition hardly guarantees that Dominion Voting Systems will win their defamation lawsuit—but it certainly improves their position.
MEDIA March 1, 2023
As documents reveal Fox News anchors and executives (and even the chairman, himself) pointing fingers and whispering about how crazy everyone else is, a familiar question percolates: Will Murdoch need a new Rebekah Brooks?
Don Lemon seems to have been given every warning to self-edit before saying what’s on his mind, which, coincidentally, is the one thing that actually delivers ratings.
MEDIA February 24, 2023
More news and notes on the Lemon saga, the Barkley-Gayle question, and ‘CNN This Morning.’
Don Lemon, a gifted broadcaster, is hardly a stranger to moments of eyebrow-raising, journalist-becomes-the-story misadventures.
MEDIA February 22, 2023
The Don Lemon “women-in-their-prime” fiasco has become the quintessential scandal of New CNN—a microcosm of Zaz’s prerogatives, the network’s ratings struggles, Licht’s operational inexperience, and the realities of the Dantean journey through the decline of cable news.
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