Bob Iger, Tim Cook, and Eddy Cue at Sun Valley
MEDIA November 23, 2022
News and notes on the interior monologue of the media industry in semi-pre-holiday-repose.
Washington Post executive editor Sally Buzbee and C.EO. and publisher Fred Ryan.
MEDIA November 18, 2022
Questions about Ryan’s leadership have become widespread at the Post, where the gulf between the paper and the Times widens, and the finger-pointing has taken hold.
Fred Ryan
MEDIA November 16, 2022
The latest news on Chris Licht’s attempts at CNN transformation, and the biggest story inside The Washington Post.
Chris Licht
MEDIA November 11, 2022
A tune up for a companywide town hall suggests what’s on the mind of the newish C.E.O.’s anxious charges.
Jake Tapper
MEDIA November 9, 2022
Sans Wolf Blitzer and his “key race alerts,” CNN lost the overall ratings battle to MSNBC on election night. It’s a sign that an era keeps ending, of course, but also that the executives in charge haven’t yet figured out how to create the next one.
Chris Licht
MEDIA November 4, 2022
A brutal $100 million financial engineering effort begins at CNN.
chris licht
MEDIA November 2, 2022
In the last 72 hours, at least twenty CNN employees (on-air talent, rank-and-file staff, and more) have called or texted me, many of them unsolicited, to convey that things have never been worse.
MEDIA October 28, 2022
CNN staffers are in a panic over forthcoming layoffs, pining for Zucker, and waiting for the next shoe to drop. The party line is “right-sizing,” but Licht and Zaslav’s new approach—a smaller digital footprint, fewer original series and films, cross-functional consolidation—appears to reflect a growing delta between the CNN they inherited and what they want it to be.
Mathias Döpfner, Axel Springer C.E.O.
MEDIA October 26, 2022
A couple recent flagship hires at the Beltway Bible represent a new chapter in the talent wars—and the influence of its new owner, Axel Springer.
Jake Tapper
MEDIA October 21, 2022
News and notes on the industry’s inside conversation: a check-in on the Tapper experiment, Murdoch curiosities, and Semafor’s launch.
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