David Zaslav
WALL STREET August 5, 2022
In the earnings call heard round the world, David Zaslav punctured a wound in the entertainment industry’s top-line subscriber-growth fetish. Now he needs to perform the ultimate superhero task: make huge hits while cutting huge costs.
Chris Licht
WASHINGTON August 3, 2022
A few months into his tenure, Licht is trying to convince Republicans not to boycott CNN, just as Walter Isaacson did two decades ago. Some things never change. But can CNN?
SILICON VALLEY July 29, 2022
A close reading of the media melee over what did and didn’t happen between Sergey Brin, Elon Musk, and Nicole Shanahan reveals the second order consequences, near and far term.
Chris Cuomo
WALL STREET July 27, 2022
“It’s not a good look,” one of Cuomo’s former colleagues told me. Plus, notes on Remnick’s remarkable run.
greek abs
HOLLYWOOD July 22, 2022
Notes on the yacht-hosing photo of our age, the latest dish on Apple’s battle with Amazon over N.F.L. rights, and the Chris Licht narrative shift.
Chris Licht
HOLLYWOOD July 20, 2022
Three months after taking the reins of a Zucker-less CNN, Licht is appointing a “head of editorial” to effectively function as the newsroom’s new Zucker, or the closest thing to him, and allowing himself to focus on the bigger-picture questions. Such as: Who will helm CNN’s new morning show?
Joe Biden and MBS
WASHINGTON July 15, 2022
The president, whose polling has hit a Trump-like nadir, has his fair share of nemeses: the far left, Joe Manchin, Trump and DeSantis, and now perhaps the hometown paper, The Washington Post.
Eddie Cue
WALL STREET July 13, 2022
As I learned at Sun Valley, and in subsequent conversations, the deal will likely come in significantly higher than $2 billion a year.
Larry Summers
Inside the Lodge at this year’s Allen & Co. conference, the conversation among the media-tech-finance elite has been dominated by two omnipresent obsessions: recession and the man who has predicted it, Larry Summers.
David Zaslav
WALL STREET July 6, 2022
Stock prices may be down, but the mood isn’t dour—though companies that once fantasized about shedding linear assets for that coveted Netflix multiple are now thankful for their dual revenue streams. That may be one reason why Disney has abandoned talks to spin ESPN.
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