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kim godwin
MEDIA February 28, 2024
Readouts from the new era at ABC News, where a recently layered Kim Godwin is suddenly more present and vocal than ever before, seemingly in an attempt to match the ubiquity of her new boss—all while acting like it’s business as usual.
Catherine Herridge
MEDIA February 23, 2024
News and notes on a roiling and utterly predictable TV news microscandal.
Mathias Döpfner
MEDIA February 21, 2024
A recent dinner between the Axel Springer C.E.O. and the aggrieved hedge fund manager and proud husband likely paved the way for an end to the Business Insider-Neri Oxman contretemps.
kim godwin
MEDIA February 16, 2024
Fresh reporting from inside West 66th Street on Disney’s promotion of Debra OConnell to oversee ABC News—and, of course, the layering of network president Kim Godwin.

joe biden
MEDIA February 14, 2024
For better or worse, many in the WH press corps have spent the last couple years noticeably avoiding the topic of the president’s agility and acuity because it felt indelicate or irrelevant. Now, the Hur report has stirred some soul-searching.
emma tucker
MEDIA February 9, 2024
News and notes on the micro-crises roiling CNN, what to expect from the legacy players, the Zaz-Iger-Lachlan super-streamer, and much, much more.
Avlon started his career as a speechwriter for Mayor Rudy Giuliani before pursuing journalism.
MEDIA February 9, 2024
The Hamptons-dwelling CNN anchor and No Labels co-founder is considering a run for Congress this year on a centrist, anti-Trump platform.
Phil Mattingly Poppy Harlow
MEDIA February 7, 2024
The readout from the CNN bunker as Mark Thompson reshapes CNN’s morning schedule, signals diminished interest in linear, and leaves his company of TV stalwarts wondering about the next shoe to drop.

Timothy Forbes, Steve Forbes and Christopher "Kip" Forbes
MEDIA February 2, 2024
Forbes, which is now up for auction one more time, has had a fascinating afterlife since the family sold their control. And it might be a harbinger for some legacy brands, but for one pesky detail.
Jimmy Finkelstein Pamela Gross
MEDIA January 31, 2024
News, notes, and reflections on a totally predictable, ego-driven, anachronistic media tragedy.
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