Brian Roberts
PUCK May 27, 2022
Notes on why NBCU-EA didn’t happen, thoughts on Warren & Shari, and Zaz’s next moves.
Chris Licht
HOLLYWOOD May 26, 2022
Inside CNN’s newsroom, a top story remains the network’s new boss, Chris Licht, and his attempt to fill the Zucker void without being Zucker, all while managing a team of remnant Zuckerites.
Drew Angerer
HOLLYWOOD May 20, 2022
For months, the media elite have been wondering what the Comcast impresario might buy to scale up in the content wars. Turns out, Roberts had a plan that almost came together.


In this new media age, the creator is the heart of the business equation.
Chuck Todd
HOLLYWOOD May 18, 2022
Can an anchor cut from the Russertian mold re-reinvent a historic franchise as a modern media brand? And is NBC betting on the future for Meet the Press or merely paying a “talent management tax” to fund Todd’s vision?
Tom Brady
HOLLYWOOD May 13, 2022
Is Tom Brady worth nearly $400 million as a broadcaster? The critics say no. But, they also concede, what is Fox without the N.F.L.—and, ergo, without him?
Chris Licht
HOLLYWOOD May 11, 2022
Sure, an adult-table bastion of centrist upscale cable news sounds fantastic, especially since Fox News and MSNBC have totally abdicated the middle. But can it still be done, and will it rate?