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rob winnett washington post
MEDIA June 14, 2024
Two weeks into The Washington Post’s nervous breakdown, Will Lewis’s time in the barrel may be ending. Rob Winnett’s turn may be just beginning.
Will Lewis
MEDIA June 12, 2024
News and notes on two D.C. media anxieties of varying proportions: The Lewis redemption rodeo at the WaPo and Mark Thompson’s quiet rejiggering over at CNN.
will lewis
MEDIA June 7, 2024
The latest anxieties and dueling narratives emanating from the expanding Washington Post blast zone on K Street.
Sally Buzbee
MEDIA June 5, 2024
The real and surprising story behind Sally Buzbee’s departure from The Washington Post.

Emma Tucker
MEDIA May 31, 2024
News and notes on the Journal newsroom’s Post-It protest and CNN’s month to forget.
charles barkley
MEDIA May 29, 2024
As NBC Sports closes in on the NBA “B package,” executives and agents are beginning to contemplate who will lead the broadcasts and studio shows. And whom to pick off from TNT if Zaz is unable to wrest the final package away from Amazon.
will lewis
MEDIA May 22, 2024
Washington Post C.E.O. Will Lewis finally unveiled his plan to fix Jeff Bezos’s media heirloom—a mix of new subscription tiers, some management realignment, and other uncontroversial ideas. Is this the best he could find in the McKinsey handbook, or is it merely a prelude to the next plan?
Mark Thompson
MEDIA May 17, 2024
So many newsrooms seem to be waiting on newly appointed leaders—a number of them British—to swoop in and restore their swagger. Alas, the more you parse their pablum-laden marketing pitches, the more it all looks like the same old playbooks applied to new platforms.

Pam Drucker Mann
MEDIA May 15, 2024
News and notes on the latest storylines coursing through the industry: CNN’s debate coup, NBC’s internal frustrations, and a Condé Nast departure.
jeff zucker
MEDIA May 10, 2024
The endurance of the “Will Jeff buy CNN?” fantasy, which was stoked again this week, highlights the uncertain state of the media industry, and a few enduring truths about Zucker, too. He may have reinvented himself as an investor, but he remains an operator at heart. And, if given the opportunity, he’d probably be back in the control room in a heartbeat.
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