Jeff Zucker and Allison Gollust
HOLLYWOOD February 18, 2022
The most-watched couple in media are generating tabloid-level attention as they calculate their next professional steps.
Jason Kilar
HOLLYWOOD February 16, 2022
An extensive report from The Times, a damning statement from Gollust, and a fortuitously-timed liquidity event. This Warner Bros. Discovery deal really can’t close soon enough.
Martha Stewart and David Zaslav
HOLLYWOOD February 11, 2022
Notes on Zaslav’s plans for Warner Bros. Discovery, more insight into the CNN mess, and plenty of succession questions.
David Zaslav
WALL STREET February 9, 2022
More succession rumors, more Zucker revenge fantasies, and notes on media’s ongoing post-mortem.
Jeff Zucker and Jason Kilar
HOLLYWOOD February 7, 2022
After a series of off-the-rails newsroom conversations last week to address Jeff Zucker’s ouster, the likely outgoing WarnerMedia C.E.O. returned to the barrel today via an emotional virtual meeting with select high-level staff.
HOLLYWOOD February 6, 2022
Can anyone replace Jeff Zucker? A crop of names—some familiar, some stunning—are now emerging.
Wolf Blitzer and Jake Tapper
HOLLYWOOD February 4, 2022
After a head-spinning 72 hours, CNN staffers are coming to terms with the Zucker news in their own ways. Some are seeing it as the end of an era for the industry. Others are mired in conspiracy theories. And pretty much everyone is pissed at Cuomo and Kilar—and wondering what Zaz is going to do.
Jeff Zucker
HOLLYWOOD February 3, 2022
Despite contrary reports, WarnerMedia’s investigation into Jeff Zucker is a closed matter. So if there is another shoe to drop, they aren’t dropping it.
Jason Kilar
HOLLYWOOD February 3, 2022
Fear, anger, profound loyalty to Jeff Zucker and full-blown resentment for Jason Kilar dominated a confidential meeting in CNN’s D.C. newsroom on the night of Zucker’s February surprise.
Jeff Zucker and Andrew Cuomo
HOLLYWOOD February 2, 2022
Jeff Zucker’s resignation has upended the calculus within CNN, the broader cable news industry, and entertainment ecosystem. Here’s what I’m hearing about how it’s going down in the newsroom, and what’s next for the network.
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