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Virginie Viard, creative director of Chanel since 2019.
FASHION May 22, 2023
Gossip abounds and rumors swirl: Is Nicolas Ghesquière headed for Chanel? What are the Wertheimers really thinking? But the real story is a lot more complicated, if decidedly less sexy.
Alexandre Arnault, Gal Godot, and Anthony Ledru at the Tiffany’s ribbon cutting ceremony.
FASHION May 15, 2023
Inside the rift between an Arnault heir and his top marketer, plus the Nike and Basquiat and Beyoncé of it all, as America’s greatest luxury brand merges into France’s biggest company.
FASHION May 8, 2023
While the fashion world awaits Michele’s next act, new details have surfaced regarding the Qatari royal family buying the long-dormant Walter Albini—with the express purpose of enlisting Michele to relaunch it.
Jared Leto, slated to play Lagerfeld in an upcoming biopic, had to dress up like the late designer’s cat in order to freak people out.
FASHION May 4, 2023
A frank assessment of fashion’s biggest night for the year: what it means for the brands, for the platforms, and for Vogue, itself.

FASHION May 1, 2023
It’s only fitting that this year’s costume exhibit would honor the designer who ushered in an era of transformative commercialism in fashion—precisely the sort of business intelligence that will be highlighted this evening.
Kristina O’Neill served as WSJ. magazine’s editor-in-chief for a decade.
FASHION May 1, 2023
The somewhat surprising torpedoing of Kristina O’Neill sets into motion a cavalcade of questions about what’s next for the once-trailblazing fashion magazine, starting with: Is this the beginning of the end?
The RealReal founder and C.E.O., Julie Wainwright.
FASHION April 24, 2023
Private equity vultures are circling TheRealReal, the troubled consignment juggernaut, amid hopes for an M&A transaction that would consolidate the market.
Simon Porte Jacquemus, whose namesake line is a global sensation and generated more than $200 million in 2022.
FASHION April 24, 2023
Gen Z’s favorite designer was at the top of the list to cure the historic label’s woes.

Designer Isabel Marant’s namesake label is among a handful successful fashion companies that have gone on the market and are yet to close a deal.
FASHION April 17, 2023
News and notes and dish about the current fallow dealmaking culture. Plus the latest speculation surrounding Alessandro Michele’s next act after Gucci.
Celebrity stylist Law Roach, best known for styling Zendaya, declared just days after the Oscars that his “cup” was “empty,” and that he was done with the work.
FASHION April 10, 2023
Roach’s behavior in front of the camera, and his alleged behavior behind the scenes, says a lot about the state of celebrity styling today, and what a messy, sordid, unfair business it can be.
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