Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema
SILICON VALLEY January 18, 2022
Behind the scenes of the voting-rights drama, Democratic super-donors organized a furious pressure campaign to get Manchinema to “yes.” Then reality intervened.
MacKenzie Scott
SILICON VALLEY January 11, 2022
Ever since Scott split with her ex, Jeff Bezos, she has embarked on an utterly mysterious, totally disruptive, $9 billion-and-counting philanthropy spree. Here’s an inside guide to her aides and her checkbook.
Bill and Melinda Gates
SILICON VALLEY January 4, 2022
Among the under-appreciated stories of modern politics is how key relationships with a Silicon Valley benefactor or two can transform long-shot candidates into bonafide contenders. And with more money than ever, tech titans are discovering new battlefields to assert their will.
Elon Musk
SILICON VALLEY December 28, 2021
Some deep thoughts and burning concerns about MacKenzie, Jack, Bezos and other card-carrying members of the new establishment.
Mark Zuckerberg
SILICON VALLEY December 20, 2021
Notes on the latest tech industry gossip, fundraising, and political power plays.
Chesa Boudin
SILICON VALLEY December 14, 2021
The recall election of Chesa Boudin, San Francisco’s avant-garde D.A., has turned bitter, pitting tech’s billionaires against one another—and forcing the city to look at itself, and its past, in the mirror.
Jeff Bezos
SILICON VALLEY December 7, 2021
A year-end guide to billionaire gifting, Zuck’s $3 billion stocking stuffer, and the return of Brock Pierce (this time without Akon).
Koch brothers
SILICON VALLEY November 30, 2021
Neither party's functionaries admit it, but the line between philanthropy and politics has been obliterated. The upshot is that even more money is moving into the shadows.
SILICON VALLEY November 22, 2021
A nine-figure gift from Jeff Bezos to the Obama Foundation, midwifed by Jay Carney, marks another evolution in Bezos’ remarkable career as the Amazon founder seeks new causes (and friends) in politics and philanthropy.
John Doerr
SILICON VALLEY November 16, 2021
John Doerr, the legendary venture capitalist turned climate evangelist, defends Big Tech, Jeff Bezos, and Joe Manchin as part of his realpolitik climate change vision.
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