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Marjorie Taylor Greene
WASHINGTON January 11, 2022
Notes and observations on the Cruz-Carlson struggle session, the persistence of Marjorie Taylor Greene, and the slow-motion fracturing of the Trump coalition.
Jan 6 riot
WASHINGTON January 5, 2022
I was at the Capitol on that fateful day, and what I remember most is that the insurrection wasn’t a surprise to those of us who covered the Trump movement. In fact, my sources had been discussing it for months. It’s everything that came next that shocked me.
David McCormick
WALL STREET December 30, 2021
David McCormick is the G.O.P.’s fantasy candidate of a perhaps bygone, bipartisan, pre-Q era: a swashbuckling former military hero with credentials from Princeton, McKinsey, and Bridgewater. But can he placate the Trumpists in Pennsylvania? If he does, he’ll quickly become one of the most important figures in the national party.
Jeff Roe and Glenn Youngkin
WASHINGTON December 7, 2021
Ever since Jeff Roe led Glenn Youngkin to victory in Virginia, he has become the G.O.P.’s master strategist for creating a new Trump-adjacent, post-Trump playbook for Never Trump Republicans. Herewith, he envisions 2022 and beyond.

Kyle RIttenhouse
WASHINGTON November 22, 2021
The broader political context that produced Rittenhouse is, in many ways, more disturbing than the Rittenhouse case itself.
Bari Weiss
WASHINGTON November 15, 2021
The evolution of the digital economy has already remade the media industry, allowing columnists like Weiss to circumvent the progressive gatekeepers who signed her paychecks and build her own subscription businesses on Substack. Actually, higher education seems like the natural next step.
Donald Trump
MEDIA November 2, 2021
The DWAC merger appears reckless, even to those in Trumpworld. As one former senior advisor put it: “It's got as much gas as the Hindenburg.”
Claremont McKenna College
WASHINGTON October 19, 2021
The Claremont Institute, a right-wing ivory tower in the Inland Empire, has become a finishing school for the likes of Ingraham, Shapiro, Cotton—and a sinecure for the political minds behind Trump’s attempted coup. In the process, it’s spawned an academic movement to preserve Trumpism after Trump.

Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump
WASHINGTON October 7, 2021
The greatest looming question in American politics is, alas, whether Trump will run for president again. And if he does, will his closest family members—“the interns,” as they were known in the west wing—ride shotgun once again?
Mike Pence Addresses GOP Lincoln-Reagan Dinner In New Hampshire
WASHINGTON September 20, 2021
The former vice president is looking to thread a political needle: disavow Trump, make nice with the guy’s supporters, and somehow cash in on what’s left of his Republican street cred. Will that persuade donors in advance of 2024? And what will Mother think?
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