Attorney General Merrick Garland and Homeland Security secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.
WASHINGTON June 29, 2023
House Republicans are coming to the realization that in order to appease the base, heads will have to roll on the floor. And while a Biden impeachment is ludicrously far-fetched for members, Garland has become a real sweet spot.
WASHINGTON June 22, 2023
Dueling claims to a quarter-baked impeachment push, quickly shunted off into committees, spotlights an escalating MAGA food fight. Plus notes on Tucker Carlson’s legal battle with Fox News.
WASHINGTON June 15, 2023
The Meatball once again finds himself in an unenviable dilemma: his ascent in the G.O.P. requires capitalizing on Trump’s legal jeopardy while presumably convincing voters he’d offer the guy a pardon. How to navigate such verbal jujitsu. Where is Jeff Roe when you need him!?
WASHINGTON June 8, 2023
After losing out on their defining opportunity to hold Kevin McCarthy over a barrel—the global economy and America’s credit rating, be damned—the House conservatives are pissed… at everyone: the speaker, the Democrats, and themselves, too.
Last week, Ron DeSantis used the word “woke” so many times that it became a punchline in the media.
WASHINGTON June 5, 2023
Thoughts, reflections, and fresh reporting on a couple right wing media scandals.
WASHINGTON June 1, 2023
Sure, the right-wing House insurgency was pissed that their Speaker backed off some of his promises and (quelle horreur!) cut a deal with the Democrats to save the economy. But they decided not to defenestrate him. At least not yet.
Beyond the obvious jokes about whether Elon Musk fanboys are a meaningful Waterloo constituency, the DeSantis rollout fiasco does raise the question about the future of conservative media on Twitter.
Ruminations on MAGA political-media tragedy.
For Tucker Carlson and ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight‘ refugees, Twitter was the best option immediately available.
MEDIA May 10, 2023
Carlson’s pivot to social video may be a paradigm-shifting blow to cable news and YouTube, alike. Or maybe he was simply out of better options.
Members and allies of the original Taliban 20 group were particularly energized that McCarthy had adopted anti-“woke and weaponized” budget cuts.
WASHINGTON May 3, 2023
As the debt ceiling looms, sources around the so-called Taliban 20 are expressing something unprecedented: admiration and trust that McCarthy, once considered the ultimate RINO, can deliver for them.
Tucker Carlson
WASHINGTON April 27, 2023
Carlson’s post-Fox News viral jihad is merely step one in an evolving bow-tied rage campaign that is aimed at the hearts and minds and wallets of the 18-54 online-only MAGA demo.
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