Iger, Ego & Superego

Does Bob Iger need to redesign Disney to find the right leader for the company going forward? Photo: Jay L. Clendenin/Getty Images
William D. Cohan
July 16, 2023

Bob Iger’s two-year return trip to the Disney corner office has been extended—surprise, surprise—until the last day of December 2026, just as my Puck partner Matt Belloni and I predicted a few weeks ago. It seemed like Iger enjoys being back in the limelight, and he has not really done anything to position anyone to succeed him, despite the Disney board retaining Heidrick & Struggles and creating a subcommittee of the board of directors to focus on succession (as, of course, it should). 

Meanwhile, during the course of his first year back in office, Iger’s burdens increased rather than diminished, and many of the strategic decisions he made during his original tenure—the Murdoch deal, the challenges at Marvel, the uneven Disney+ strategy—have returned to haunt him and can’t fairly be blamed on his short-lived predecessor, Bob Chapek, no matter how convenient. Anyway, it has not been a Hollywood ending: Disney stock has gone down about 4 percent since Iger returned to Burbank, and yet the hapless Disney board of directors had no choice but to believe that Iger alone could save them.