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The Bloomberg Audience of One

Mike Bloomberg
Throughout his career, Bloomberg’s restless ambition has turned time and again to an expansion of his media assets. Photo: Richard Heathcote/Getty Images
Dylan Byers
December 28, 2022

Michael Bloomberg, the visionary entrepreneur, philanthropist and three-term New York City mayor, has a well-meaning, if mildly foolish, grandad-style oh-my-better-half-is-so-much-better joke that he used to utter in the company of close friends, sources who have heard the remark say. Referring to his elegant longtime domestic partner, Diana Taylor, the often gruff and blunt billionaire would lovingly quip about how he only wished that she could find someone else so that, at his advanced age, he could hit the market again. 

It was a silly and harmless joke, meant to get a knowing wink kind of a laugh. Indeed, as anyone in Manhattan society well knew, Taylor was the far more charming and telegenic member of the couple. But it also may have insinuated Bloomberg’s perpetually restless and youthful energy that has not ebbed since he built the Bloomberg L.P. empire forty years ago.