Trump’s Announcement Bomb & Meadows’ Case of the Willies

Photo: Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images

As revelations continue to pour from the Jan. 6 committee, Julia Ioffe and Tara Palmeri discuss the mounting pressure on Merrick Garland to indict the former president, how Trump’s donor anxiety might be the driving force behind his forthcoming 24 campaign announcement, why the Dems’ long-standing misconceptions about immigrant priorities have prevented them from developing a comprehensive electoral strategy, what a DeSantis presidency might look like, and which party has the deeper political bench.

Tara Palmeri: Julia, this may have been the most explosive week of January 6th testimony. We now know what many have long suspected—that Trump planned to have his supporters march toward the Capitol. Does this disclosure, following Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony, move the needle forward on an indictment? I’ve previously reported that people close to Attorney General Merrick Garland think an indictment is a long shot, as he will have an adverse reaction to political committees demanding action from the D.O.J. But maybe the calculus is shifting.