Art’s Endless Summer

Aspen Art Museum ArtCrush
Art world folks who cannot switch off are subtly trying to get some business done in the background — if your collectors are from the West Coast, a lot of the off-the-clock action can be found in Aspen. Photo: Leigh Vogel/Getty Images for Aspen Art Museum
Marion Maneker
July 7, 2024

The art world has a different summer schedule than the rest of the world. Instead of taking August off, like they do in France and much of Western Europe, the art world holiday calendar is dictated by the global selling calendar—where trading is crammed into a few months in the fall, coming straight out of the gate in early September in New York or Seoul. This year, there will also be sales in Hong Kong, where advisors are going to have to be on their game, too. 

That means holidays begin early, with some advisors and dealers combining their Basel and London working trips into a Venice detour to catch the Biennale before drifting off the map in July. Selling art is a high-touch business, where it isn’t uncommon to see auction house personnel, dealers, or advisors as houseguests of their best clients, or accompanying them on their boats or adventure trips.